Frequently asked questions

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  • Why is the volume so low?

    Since this is a new product, we have yet to integrate into all the exchanges that trade cryptocurrency. This will improve over time!
  • What exchanges do you support?

    Currently: Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitstamp, Bittrex, BitZ, CCex, CoinExchange, Cryptopia, Gate.IO, Gdax, HitBTC,, IDEX, Kucoin, Livecoin, OKEx, Poloniex, Upbit, and Yobit.
  • Do you have a public API?

    It's currently in development, but that is going to be one of our focal points. If you are feeling dangerous and don't mind API breakage, you can look at how our site utilizes our API backend. We will have a REST and a Websocket API.