Bermuda Signs MOU with Shyft, Amazon Partners with Kaleido, Bitcoin a Threat to US Dollar, Tax Collector Accepts Bitcoin: Tuesday, May 15th News Bytes

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Shyft Signs MOU with the Government of Bermuda, Pledges to Invest $10M
Earlier today at Consensus, the Government of Bermuda signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shyft, a blockchain KYC/AML solution. This partnership will build out the island’s regulatory framework and reinforce them as the example to nation states trying to adopt regulation themselves.

Amazon Partners with Start-up Kaleido to Make it Easier for Customers to put Their Services on Blockchain
The tech giant is moving into blockchain with a new partnership with Kaleido, a start-up was born out of blockchain incubator Consensys. CNBC reports, “The company is aiming to give AWS customers an “easy button” to get into the same technology that underpins bitcoin”.

St. Louis Fed President Suggests Bitcoin Could Emerge As A ‘Threat’ To US Dollar In The Future
A story from CoinTelegraph states “A top US policy maker made mostly positive remarks about Bitcoin, also not ruling it out as a potential “threat” to the US dollar, in an interview with CNBC Monday, May 14.” St. Louis Fed president James Bullard stated that crypto is “facilitating trade that would not otherwise occur. Some of that’s illegal, but some of that is avoiding costs that would otherwise be there.”

Tax Collector in Florida Becomes First Government Agency to Accept Bitcoin
WeTalkCoins reports, “a tax collector from Florida announced that its office will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), using BitPay. The agency will begin working with these currencies during this summer.”

GoTenna Launches a Bitcoin Wallet That Works Without the Internet
New York-based startup goTenna is partnering with Samourai Wallet to launch an Android app that allows users to send bitcoin payments without an internet connection. “Announced Monday,” Coindesk reports, “the txTenna app will enable users to sync up their mobile with a goTenna device, which costs $179 per pair, then toggle the wallet app’s settings to transact offline and send the bitcoin.”

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