Catena by Bitaccess: Putting Publications on a Blockchain

Bitaccess has unveiled a new tool called Catena, for use by public or private organizations to publish information in a way that is irreversible.  Catena uses a blockchain to store publications. And the use of a blockchain means that publications cannot be changed or reordered. As doing so changes all the blocks after the one changed. Bitaccess is offering this publishing method for a minimum of $20,000 CAD a month, with no maximum cited.

What could Catena do for consumers?

Companies using Catana cannot hide what they have said previously, nor can they reorder any statements made. And therefore cannot cheat their customers. An Internet Service Provider, for example, could not silently change its terms of service (so long as it is published via the blockchain) to allow it to go back on Net Neutrality promises. Or, still going with the ISP example, an ISP could not change rates and start billing customers at a higher rate while silently changing their pricing page to reflect the new rates.

What could Catena do for companies and governments?

Catena forces the existence of a paper trail for anything published on it. This means that a company can prove the existence of a statement, or disprove the existence of another. Though its customers may find that proving their publications cannot be forged an issue. As the protection against forgery relies on the blockchain being decentralized in nature. It is trivial to edit a block on a blockchain where there is only a single copy of that blockchain.

Armin Davis

Armin is a cryptocurrency mining and computer security enthusiast. Writing is fun too.

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