Bitcoin Wallet Mycelium Begins Rolling Out BCH Support

Popular bitcoin wallet Mycelium has begun rolling out support for bitcoin cash.

The wallet, which is available from both the Google Play and iOS App Store, underwent a major update on Wednesday to begin releasing its new “modular architecture,” which will allow users to install different “apps” in the wallet client that provide access to additional cryptocurrencies, features, and services.

Citing “high demand,” the app’s developers chose to first release a module that allows users to add bitcoin cash accounts to their wallets.

To access their bitcoin cash, users must install the BCH module from the settings screen and wait for it to sync with other peers operating on the coin’s network.

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Source: Google Play

At present, the module in “technology preview” mode and thus has limited functionality. However, Mycelium users who held bitcoin at the time of the bitcoin cash hard fork last August and were unable to access their airdropped BCH can now do so — though in the current implementation they can only exchange their BCH for BTC.

Future releases will add “full BCH support,” so users who want to hold and spend their bitcoin cash through Mycelium will likely have the ability to do so soon.

From the release notes:

“Mycelium Wallet becomes highly expandable thanks to the new modular architecture which allows modules as separate apps maintaining the high security of your funds. Bitcoin Cash Module is a technology preview of the modular architecture capabilities. Only exchange BCH to BTC so far. Fully functional BCH module soon.”

Mycelium is not the first cryptocurrency wallet to support more than one or token, but its modular design is a unique approach.

Most multi-cryptocurrency wallets require users to download software for every coin that they support, even though the user may only own a handful of them.

Mycelium, on the other hand, intends to give provide users the ability to pick and choose which cryptocurrency modules to download, which not only provides them with a clean interface but also increases wallet security.

David Murray

David has been following the development of cryptocurrency technology for several years, and he is optimistic about its potential to democratize the financial system.

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