Blockchain Engineers are Highest Paid in Software Development, Demand Soars 400%

Blockchain engineers are now paid more than any other software engineer, equal only to artificial intelligence experts, as reported by CNBC.

According to statistics from, blockchain engineer salaries are in the range of $150,000 – $175,000. That’s as much as some dentists in the USA. 

It reflects an enormous 400% rise in demand for blockchain engineers over the last 12 months.

Blockchain Engineers Paid Higher Than Average

The figures are significantly higher than the average salary for a software engineer, which is $135,000 according to Hired.

Blockchain engineers are paid a premium because there simply aren’t enough experts to meet demand. In the past, blockchain development was a niche job role, advertised only by startups and ICOs.

Now, however, we are seeing the Silicon Valley giants lining up to hire blockchain experts. IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are all currently advertising for blockchain experts. At the same time, Wall Street banks, like J.P. Morgan are building blockchain tools.

Blockchain is expanding beyond the bedrooms and garages of plucky startups to the biggest companies on the planet.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Are Here to Stay

The enormous salaries and demand for blockchain engineers spell out one thing very clearly: this technology is not going away.

Despite the crash in cryptocurrency prices, there’s a sense that an industry is being built behind the scenes.

Blockchain may have disappeared from the headlines, but there’s movement under the surface. Passionate, excited, and brilliant minds are building the next generation of technology.

What Do You Need to Be a Blockchain Engineer?

Blockchain engineers typically write in Python, Solidity, Javascript, Java, Go, C, and C++ (Bitcoin itself was written in C++ by mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto).

You should also know the basic fundamentals of development, including HashMaps, Stack, Queues, and Tree.

Last of all, you’ll need a rounded knowledge of blockchain architecture. Ethereum is perhaps the best place to start since it’s the foundation for many blockchain development projects.

“There’s a Ton of Demand for Blockchain”

As the CEO of Hired, Mehul Patel, explains, “There’s a ton of demand for blockchain. Software engineers are in very short supply, but this is even more acute and that’s why salaries are even higher.”

With salaries higher than any other specialized software engineer, is it time for a job switch?

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