Blockchain Projects List

By now, everyone knows that BItcoin is the first and longest running blockchain technology project. Since its advent, hundreds if not thousands of more blockchain projects have been launched. Some altcoins use the Bitcoin codebase, others don’t. Some have been around for years and are still running while some have died Have you ever wondered what the second blockchain ever was? BlockExplorer is happy to. If you’re interested in a smaller list, please check out our Top Altcoins, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies post.

Blockchain Projects

Name Abbreviation Codebase forked from Announcement date Announcement link Status Codebase link
Ethereum ETH BTC 23/01/2014 Running
Bitcoin Cash BCH BTC 22/07/2017 Running
Cardano ADA none unknown unknown Running
NEM XEM none 16/06/2014 Running
IOTA MIOTA none 21/10/2015 Running
Dash DASH BTC 18/01/2014 Running
Bitcoin BTC none 31/10/2008 Running
SupCoin SUP BTC 09/02/2015 Running
Matrixcoin MTX BTC 02/04/2014 Dead
Overly Attached Coin OAC BTC 31/03/2014 Dead
Imperialcoin IMP BTC 01/03/2014 Dead
Dinarcoin IQD BTC 01/03/2014 Dead
ePAYERCOIN PAYER BTC 13/02/2015 Running
DecryptRcoin DECR BTC 16/01/2015 Dead
Flirt Life FLIRT BTC 21/12/2014 Running
PimpCash PIMP BTC 24/11/2014 Running Unknown
FlirtCoin FLIRT BTC 13/11/2014 Running
FUDcoin FUD BTC 13/11/2014 Dead
PeercoinDark PPCD BTC 26/10/2014 Dead
PeercoinDark PPCD BTC 26/10/2014 Running
Aurumcoin AU BTC 25/09/2014 Running Unknown
WorldWideCoin WWC BTC 13/09/2014 Unknown Dead
NODECoin NODE BTC 12/09/2014 Running Unknown
MobiusCoin MOBI BTC 08/09/2014 Running
Axron AXR BTC 21/08/2014 Dead
Magi XMG BTC 16/08/2014 Running Unknown
BIGBullion BIG BTC 15/08/2014 Dead
Rebirthcoin REB BTC 15/08/2014 Dead Unknown
ASDCoin ASD BTC 14/08/2014 Dead
Neoscoin IPO NEOS BTC 13/08/2014 Dead
Darkfox DRX BTC 09/08/2014 Dead
SonicScrewdriver SSD BTC 09/08/2014 Unknown Dead
YellowLionCoin YLC BTC 01/08/2014 Dead Unknown
Pleiades Coin PAC YLC 12/08/2014 Dead Unknown
Instant Coin BTI BTC 13/07/2014 Dead
Umbrella-BTC UBTC BTC 12/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Trinity TTY BTC 15/07/2014 Running
Acoin ACOIN BTC 01/09/2014 Unknown
BitcoinDark BTCD BTC 09/07/2014 Running
Electric Taler eTaler BTC 07/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Sovereign SOV BTC 03/07/2014 Unknown Unknown
Guinea GUINEA BTC 03/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Woodcoin LOG BTC 22/10/2014 Running Unknown
STEPS STEPS BTC 07/09/2015 Running
#PHREAK PHR BTC 07/09/2015 Running
Old Dogs New Tricks ODNT BTC 22/08/2015 Running
GenesysCoin GSY BTC 05/08/2015 Running
BlueBullCoin BULL BTC 20/06/2014 Dead Unknown
CHARONscoin ChC BTC 30/06/2014 Unknown Unknown
CANTORcoin EIC BTC 15/06/2014 Unknown
PAYPRO Coin PRO BTC 07/06/2014 Dead
AngryBirdsCoin ABC BTC 01/06/2014 Dead Unknown
XtraCoin CX BTC 05/05/2014 Dead
BitcoinNEW BTN BTC 15/05/2014 Dead
Arkenstone ARS BTC 14/05/2014 Dead
CateDoge CTD BTC 24/03/2014 Running
Helixcoin HXC BTC 26/02/2014 Dead
Benjamins BEN BTC 02/02/2014 Running–rLnwKscG03enkxMk8xMjQ/edit?usp=sharing
Altcoin ATC BTC 01/02/2014 Unknown Dead
Orobit ORO BTC 04/02/2014 Unknown
Cookies CKE BTC 12/02/2014 Dead
Gaycoin GAY BTC 14/02/2014 Running Unknown
Podcoin POD BTC 14/02/2014 Dead Unknown
Lusocoin LUC BTC 05/02/2014 Dead
Pwnycoin PWNY BTC 14/02/2014 Unknown
Riecoin RIC BTC 03/02/2014 Dead
Takeicoin TAK BTC 07/02/2014 Running
CryptoLoot LOOT BTC 13/02/2014 Dead
Rainbowcoin LGBT BTC 15/02/2014 Dead
INKcoin INK BTC 22/02/2014 Dead
Melange SPICE BTC 24/01/2014 Running
Blakecoin BLC BTC 07/10/2013 Running
365Coin 365 BLC 28/02/2014 Dead
Photon PHO BLC 21/02/2014 Running
AllAgesCoin AAC BTC 27/12/2013 Dead Unknown
Siriuscoin SSC BTC 01/01/2014 Dead
Snowcoin SNC BTC 06/12/2013;all Running
Globe GLB BTC 06/12/2013 Dead
Kimcoin KMC BTC 23/09/2013 Dead
Huntecoin HUC BTC 15/09/2013 Dead
Curecoin Curecoin BTC 15/05/2013 Dead Unknown
Naanayam NYM BTC 06/11/2013 Dead
ReikiCoin RKC BTC 23/11/2013 Unknown
Unobtanium UNO BTC 17/10/2013 Running
AmKoin AMK UNO 07/02/2014 Dead
Betacoin BET BTC 30/10/2013 Running
AsicCoin ASC BTC 11/09/2013 Running
Skeincoin SKC BTC 01/11/2013 Running
Xedoscoin XDC SKC 02/02/2014 Running
Tigercoin TGC BTC 06/09/2013 Running
Gridcoin GRD BTC 29/10/2013 Dead
Copperlark CL BTC 06/06/2013 Dead
Maxcoin MAX CL 29/01/2014 Running
eCoin ECN CL 05/01/2014 Dead Unknown
Sifcoin SIC BTC 22/06/2013 Running
Quark QRK SIC 21/07/2013 Running
MonetaryUnit MUE QRK 11/09/2014 Running
DimeCoin DIME QRK 23/12/2013 Running
SecureCoin SRC QRK 09/08/2013 Running
QuarkBar QB QRK 26/02/2014 Running
Somacoin SOMA QRK 01/02/2014 Dead
Metacoin MET QRK 08/02/2014 Dead
Dougcoin DOUG QRK 13/02/2014 Dead
Particle PRT QRK 31/12/2013 Running
Bullcoin TBC QRK 11/01/2014 Dead
Cthulhu Offerings OFF QRK 14/09/2013 Running
Metiscoin MTS QRK 20/01/2014 Dead
Unioncoin UNC QRK 10/12/2013 Dead
Wikicoin WIKI QRK 01/02/2014 Running
Animecoin ANI QRK 19/01/2014 Running
Vanillacoin VLD QRK 12/01/2014 Dead
Zurcoin ZUR QRK 30/12/2013 Running
Darkcoin DRK QRK 25/12/2013 Running Unknown
SMAC Coin SMAC DRK 11/02/2015 Running Unknown
Dogegorecoin DGORE DRK 03/02/2015 Running
Weed Tokens WeTk DRK 21/01/2015 Dead
CryptoBancor CBR DRK 22/12/2014 Dead
LFTCCoin LFTC DRK 19/12/2014 Dead Unknown
Nakamotodark NKT DRK 17/12/2014 Running
Mobcoin MOB DRK 26/11/2014 Dead
OptimumCoin OPTI DRK 13/11/2014 Dead
Spark SPARK DRK 18/10/2014 Dead
WhistleCoin WSTL DRK 06/10/2014 Dead Unknown
GhostCoin GHOST DRK 04/10/2014 Running
MetalCoin METAL DRK 27/11/2014 Running
MetalCoin MTC DRK 01/10/2014 Dead
DigitalPrice DP DRK 01/10/2014 Dead
Exclusive Coin EXCL DRK 29/09/2014 Unknown
Envy Coin Envy DRK 28/09/2014 Unknown
scattercoin STC DRK 24/09/2014 Dead
ROSCOIN ROS DRK 19/09/2014 Dead Unknown
x-children CHILD DRK 11/09/2014 Running Unknown
CrackCoin CRCK DRK 09/09/2014 Dead
Tanzanite TNZ DRK 28/08/2014 Dead
CryptoClub CCB DRK 27/08/2014 Running Unknown
Equinox EQX DRK 27/08/2014 Dead
Neoscoin Neos DRK 26/08/2014 Running
multiwallet MWC DRK 23/08/2014 Running Unknown
Xuro XURO DRK 20/08/2014 Dead
CryptoXTC CryptoXTC DRK 19/08/2014 Dead Unknown
LemurCoin LMR DRK 17/08/2014 Dead
AmberCoin AMBER DRK 17/08/2014 Dead
AzzaCoin AZC DRK 17/08/2014 Unknown Dead!LVpHSQ4A!6Kqvb6m7YHuCVv5yViWp5xSpIxFl17FfNknI8gc907o
Racecoin RACE DRK 11/08/2014 Dead
TheoremCoin TMC DRK 11/08/2014 Dead
Cryptex CYX DRK 10/08/2014 Dead Unknown
X14coin X14 DRK 29/07/2014 Dead
BitCash BCSH X14 23/08/2014 Dead
Solecoin SOLE X14 10/08/2014 Dead
CRYPTI XCR DRK 10/08/2014 Running Unknown
DEPO DEPO-GBP DRK 09/08/2014 Dead Unknown
VMINE VMINE DRK 09/08/2014 Dead
MagCoin MAG DRK 08/08/2014 Dead
Mantis MTS DRK 08/08/2014 Unknown Dead
DSValue DSV DRK 07/08/2014 Dead Unknown
MultiWalletCoin MWC DRK 06/08/2014 Running
PalestineCoin Pal DRK 04/08/2014 Dead Unknown
BizCoin BIZ DRK 04/08/2014 Dead
Bitore BTO DRK 03/09/2014 Dead Unknown
XCloudcoin CLD DRK 21/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Zebracoin ZEB DRK 22/07/2014 Dead Unknown
WitchCoin WITCH DRK 28/07/2014 Dead
Fusecoin FUSE DRK 24/07/2014 Dead Unknown
MultiCoin MC DRK 21/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Texas Coin TEX DRK 24/07/2014 Dead
ESportsCoin ESC DRK 13/07/2014 Dead
EliteCoin ELTC DRK 20/07/2014 Dead
FVZcoin FVZ DRK 11/07/2014 Dead
Xanoncoin XAN DRK 13/07/2014 Dead Unknown
RedWire RW DRK 03/07/2014 Dead Unknown
SuarezCoin SRZ DRK 01/07/2014 Dead
BitBlock BBL DRK 25/06/2014 Dead
UCoin U BBL 14/11/2014 Running
B1bl3Coin B1bl3 BBL 31/10/2014 Running
Swapping HTML5 BBL 25/09/2014 Running
VolatilityCoin VLT BBL 15/09/2014 Dead
GryfenCoin GRYF BBL 21/08/2014 Running
Nimbus NMB BBL 15/08/2014 Dead
DoubleEagle XDE BBL 15/08/2014 Running
OverTime OT BBL 14/08/2014 Dead Unknown
BigBangCoin BBC BBL 12/08/2014 Dead
CrystalCoin CRYSTAL BBL 06/08/2014 Dead
LimiCoin LIMI BBL 05/08/2014 Dead Unknown
FileBit FBIT BBL 04/08/2014 Dead
CityCoin City BBL 22/07/2014 Dead
Neverhoodcoin NHC BBL 20/07/2014 Dead
Lizarde LIZE BBL 09/07/2014 Running
MinersCoin MInC BBL 02/09/2014 Unknown
Backpacker BACK BBL 14/07/2014 Dead
Spartacus SPATA BBL 13/07/2014 Dead Unknown
CoffeeCoin COF BBL 10/07/2014 Dead Unknown
AngelCoin ANG BBL 07/07/2014 Dead
PosCoin POS BBL 07/07/2014 Dead
DinosaurCoin Dino BBL 05/07/2014 Dead
Isiscoin ISIS BBL 03/07/2014 Dead
Aleacoin ALEA BBL 09/06/2014 Dead Unknown
Corecoin CORE BBL 30/06/2014 Dead
Firecoin FIRE BBL 29/06/2014 Running
Soundcoin SND DRK 07/05/2014 Dead
Linearcoin LIN DRK 31/05/2014 Dead Unknown
TreasureHuntCoin BOOTY DRK 28/05/2014 Dead
New Piggycoin PIGGY DRK 31/05/2014 Running Unknown
Millionaire Coin MIL DRK 31/05/2014 Dead Unknown
LeagueCoin LOL DRK 23/05/2014 Dead
MachineryCoin MHYC DRK 29/05/2014 Dead
CSCoin CSO DRK 24/06/2014 Dead
PeerPay PP DRK 22/06/2014 Dead Unknown
TRUSTplus TRUST DRK 21/06/2014 Dead
BulbaCoin BULBA DRK 29/06/2014 Dead
Sportcoin SPCC DRK 20/06/2014 Dead
Godcoin GOD DRK 12/06/2014 Dead Unknown
NeWOcoin NeWO DRK 13/06/2014 Dead
Guerillacoin gue DRK 17/06/2014 Running Unknown
WaveCoin WVS DRK 16/06/2014 Dead
Fractalcoin FRAC DRK 12/06/2014 Running
Lightcoin LIT DRK 12/06/2014 Running
Kibweecoin KiB DRK 07/06/2014 Dead Unknown
Triskelecoin TRS DRK 05/06/2014 Dead Unknown
Minerals MIN DRK 05/06/2014 Running
WorldCupCoin WCC DRK 07/06/2014 Dead Unknown
GoldReserve GRE DRK 05/06/2014 Running Unknown
LimeCoinX LIMX DRK 03/06/2014 Running
VootCoin Voot DRK 04/06/2014 Dead Unknown
BitSlap BS DRK 23/06/2014 Dead Unknown
Iaurab Coin Iaura DRK 24/05/2014 Dead Unknown
LiteCoinX LTCX DRK 25/05/2014 Dead
Nanolite NL DRK 27/05/2014 Dead
StarbucksCoin suc DRK 26/05/2014 Dead
HAPPYCOIN HPC DRK 19/05/2014 Dead
Napalcoin NAC DRK 24/05/2014 Unknown Unknown
PureCoin PURE DRK 27/05/2014 Dead
GraniteCoin GRN DRK 22/05/2014 Running
Kryptonite KRYP DRK 12/05/2014 Running Unknown
Antarcticcoin ACC DRK 15/05/2014 Dead
Malegebe MLGB DRK 16/05/2014 Dead Unknown
RIGHTCOIN RTC DRK 13/05/2014 Dead
Sync Sync DRK 13/05/2014 Running Unknown
Color-Coin CC DRK 06/05/2014 Dead Unknown
Secondcoin SEC QRK 23/12/2013 Dead
Molecule MOL QRK 15/12/2013 Dead
Atomcoin ATO QRK 15/12/2013 Dead Unknown
Frozencoin FZ QRK 10/12/2013 Dead
RVDcoin RVD QRK 04/12/2013 Dead
Obamacoin OBC QRK 26/08/2013 Dead
Zetacoin ZET BTC 03/08/2013 Running
Mazacoin MZC ZET 22/02/2014 Unknown Running
Chaincoin CHC ZET 19/01/2014 Dead
Myriadcoin MYR ZET 23/02/2014 Running
Teacoin TEA ZET 27/01/2014 Running
Memorycoin MEG BTC 03/08/2013 Running
Primecoin XPM BTC 07/07/2013 Running
pNUT FTW XPM 27/01/2014 Dead
CDNcoin CDN XPM 31/12/2013 Dead
Datacoin DTC XPM 05/11/2013;all Running
Bytecoin BTE BTC 28/03/2013 Running
Terracoin TRC BTC 12/10/2012 Unknown Running
Peercoin PPC BTC 15/08/2012 Running
Fluttercoin FLT PPC 04/03/2014 Running
Qubits QBT PPC 24/11/2013 Running
Novacoin NVC PPC 02/11/2012 Running
Zeitcoin ZEIT NVC 26/02/2014 Running
Blackcoin BC NVC 16/02/2014 Running
Mintcoin MINT NVC 05/02/2014 Running
Xmascoin XMAS NVC 29/12/2013 Dead
FederationCredits UFC NVC 23/08/2013 Dead
Graincoin GRA NVC 07/12/2013 Running
Nigeriacoin NIG NVC 09/09/2013 Dead
Tekcoin TEK NVC 07/09/2013 Running
Bountycoin BOC NVC 11/08/2013 Dead
Cinnamoncoin CIN NVC 22/09/2013 Dead
Shitcoin SHT NVC 07/10/2013 Dead
Peoplecoin PPL NVC 17/09/2013 Dead
Savingcoin SAV NVC 01/09/2013 Dead
Lucky7Coin LK7 NVC 16/09/2013 Dead
Tagcoin TAG NVC 24/10/2013 Running
Neocoin NEC NVC 26/07/2013 Dead
Galaxycoin GLX NVC 08/07/2013 Running
Cloudcoin CDC NVC 14/07/2013 Dead
Cosmoscoin CMC NVC 28/06/2013 Dead
Paycoin PYC CMC 06/08/2013 Running
HoboNickels HBN NVC 24/07/2013 Running
Bottlecaps CAP NVC 15/06/2013 Dead
Lebowskis LBW CAP 22/07/2013 Dead
Diamond DMD NVC 15/06/2013 Running Unknown
Basecoin BAC DMD 07/09/2013 Dead
Growthcoin GRW DMD 02/08/2013 Dead
CryptogenicBullion CGB NVC 28/06/2013 Running
Philosopherstone PHS NVC 28/07/2013 Running
BitBar BITB NVC 03/05/2013 Running
Bitgem BTG NVC 16/05/2013 Dead
Yacoin YAC NVC 15/05/2013 Running
MadCowCoin MCC YAC 12/03/2014 Dead
Herocoin HRC YAC 15/02/2014 Dead
Fatecoin FATE YAC 16/02/2014 Dead!gNslTDTD!RKh2exWIh8PN2Md9DFU2dARwDQMds-xS2G2c8jAWJOc
Thorcoin Unknown YAC 24/02/2014 Dead
J-coin JPU YAC 30/07/2013 Dead
QQcoin QQC YAC 28/12/2013 Running!nRdj0YhT!MXgMjw_PSMlYzFtsjLYBxBMtV4pfCDDcS2cZkotpS2w
Vertcoin VTC YAC 08/01/2014 Running Unknown
Altcoin ALT VTC 10/02/2014 Dead
CACHeCoin CACH YAC 05/01/2014 Running
Microcoin MRC YAC 03/01/2014 Running
Pangucoin PGC YAC 17/09/2013 Dead Unknown
KingCoin KING YAC 21/08/2013 Dead
Ecocoin ECO YAC 07/08/2013 Dead
Applecoin APC YAC 18/11/2013 Running
Pennies CENT YAC 06/08/2013 Running
Freecoin FRE YAC 07/08/2013 Dead
ZcCoin ZCC YAC 05/08/2013 Running Unknown
Onecoin ONC YAC 09/05/2013 Running
Freicoin FRC BTC 25/06/2012 Running
Zenithcoin ZTC FRC 30/05/2013 Running
Devcoin DVC BTC 15/02/2012 Unknown Running
Stories STY DVC 06/02/2014 Dead
Tenebrix TBX BTC 26/09/2011 Dead
Liquidcoin LQC TBX 15/01/2012 Dead
Litecoin LTC TBX 09/10/2011 Running
BunnyCoin BUN LTC 29/04/2014 Running
Guldencoin NLG LTC 02/04/2014 Running
FourOhFourCoin FOF LTC 14/03/2014 Dead
Giarcoin GIAR LTC 28/03/2014 Dead
ComedyGold LEL LTC 30/03/2014 Dead
RupayaCoin RUP LTC 18/03/2014 Dead
KimoCoin KIMO LTC 20/03/2014 Dead
Eurocoin EUC LTC 02/03/2014 Dead
Emoticoin EMO LTC 02/03/2014 Dead Unknown
Birdcoin BRD LTC 02/03/2014 Running
Dokdocoin DDC LTC 01/03/2014 Dead
Einsteinium EMC2 LTC 01/03/2014 Running
Extractcoin XTR LTC 31/01/2015 Dead
Carsicoin CARSI LTC 27/01/2015 Running
DIGI DIGI LTC 24/01/2015 Running
Friendshipcoin2 FSC2 LTC 08/01/2015 Running
Digigems DGMS LTC 04/01/2015 Running
VIRTUALDIBS DIBS LTC 21/12/2014 Running
Insanity INS LTC 15/12/2014 Dead
vTorrent VTR LTC 13/12/2014 Running
DuBeUcoin DBU LTC 11/12/2014 Dead
1Coin ONE LTC 25/10/2014 Running
Coin2 C2 LTC 19/10/2014 Running
Sembro Token SMBR LTC 16/10/2014 Dead
Seedcoin SEED LTC 04/10/2014 Running
Metal Music Coin MTLMC LTC 03/10/2014 Running
DarkPeer DPC LTC 03/10/2014 Dead
Songcoin SNG LTC 01/10/2014 Running
DollarCoin DOLLAR LTC 24/10/2014 Unknown Running!vBRRRJBQ!2hy9KnWlPMrOy3qqygB9dnxJmrZxKQZdHi-Lc6RtIlQ
SleakCoin SLK LTC 19/09/2014 Dead
Vanadiumcoin VAC LTC 17/09/2013 Unknown Unknown
BitLitS BTLS LTC 16/09/2014 Running
Crytographic Anomaly CGA LTC 14/09/2014 Running
SocialxBot XBOT LTC 07/09/2014 Dead
Shade SHADE LTC 05/09/2014 Unknown
Mana MANA LTC 27/08/2014 Running Unknown
Trader Coin TRDR LTC 24/08/2014 Dead
ROOTCOIN ROOT LTC 23/08/2014 Running
BuyCoin BUY LTC 17/08/2014 Dead!Ms1UHKSB!VDuXjEXqg_MHNZwKqccLtTAMIxP8l_DR2n6YWkBZ8JA
Syscoin SYS LTC 17/08/2014 Running
GreenBacks GB LTC 16/08/2014 Running
Evolvecoin EVC LTC 14/08/2014 Dead
blueplanet coin BLP LTC 12/08/2014 Dead!mFFm1IpL!Ce-R-i8gXCoxYKx-EovSjzFwaJmnrbjOk1wQWGTWL-U
LINKCOIN LNKC LTC 05/08/2014 Dead
Bitmoney BMY LTC 13/07/2014 Dead
CapitalCoin CPTL LTC 09/07/2014 Dead
LitecoinDark LTCD LTC 03/09/2014 Unknown
RescueCoin RSC LTC 06/07/2014 Dead
Koolio Coin Kool LTC 11/07/2014 Dead
Czechcoin CZC LTC 05/05/2014 Dead Unknown
Russiacoin RC LTC 29/05/2014 Dead
Numbercoin numc LTC 30/05/2014 Dead
M.JCoin M.J LTC 25/06/2014 Dead
Aidcoins AID LTC 03/06/2014 Dead
FujiCoin-2.0 FJC LTC 08/06/2014 Running
Quatloo QTL LTC 17/06/2014 Running
XXX Coin XXX LTC 25/06/2014 Dead
G8Coin G8 LTC 26/06/2014 Dead
ConfessionCoin CFN LTC 13/05/2014 Running
World Football Coin WFC LTC 19/05/2014 Dead
AimCoin AIM LTC 20/05/2014 Unknown
FunCoin FUN LTC 11/05/2014 Dead
IndoCoin IDC LTC 17/05/2014 Dead
MarteXcoin MXT LTC 07/05/2014 Dead
FreebiesCoin FREEB LTC 06/05/2014 Dead
Yolocoin YOLO LTC 09/05/2014 Dead
Isracoin ISR LTC 24/03/2014 Running
GammaCoin GAM LTC 27/03/2014 Dead
JennyCoin JNY LTC 23/03/2014 Dead
Execoin EXE LTC 27/02/2014 Running
Sovereigncoin SVC LTC 28/02/2014 Dead
C-coin CCN LTC 19/02/2014 Unknown
PiggyCoin PIG LTC 25/02/2014 Running
Coin COIN LTC 25/02/2014 Dead
Bellacoin BELA LTC 29/01/2014 Dead
Beli BELI LTC 11/02/2014 Dead
Auroracoin AUR LTC 02/02/2014 Running
Topcoin TOP LTC 02/02/2014 Running
Zedcoin ZED LTC 25/01/2014 Dead
Sochicoin SOCHI LTC 08/02/2014 Dead
Suncoin SUN LTC 07/02/2014 Running
Prospercoin PRC LTC 29/01/2014 Dead
YACCoin YACC LTC 12/02/2014 Dead
Reddcoin RDD LTC 20/01/2014 Running
Pandacoin PAND LTC 04/01/2014 Dead
Spodermancoin SDM LTC 06/02/2014 Dead
XXLcoin XXL LTC 01/02/2014 Dead
Litebar LTB LTC 12/02/2014 Running
Marscoin MRS LTC 15/01/2014 Dead
Macrocoin MCR LTC 08/02/2014 Running
Billaume BLL LTC 04/02/2014 Dead
Taxicoin TAXI LTC 19/02/2014 Dead
Verncoin VNC LTC 14/02/2014 Dead
Polishcoin PCC LTC 12/02/2014 Dead
Onioncoin ONI LTC 05/02/2014 Dead
Penguincoin PENG LTC 31/01/2014 Dead
EquestrianBit EQB LTC 17/02/2014 Dead
Friendshipcoin FSC LTC 12/02/2014 Running
Vegascoin VGC LTC 15/02/2014 Running
Scherlockcoin SHC LTC 08/02/2014 Dead
Carboncoin CARBON LTC 14/02/2014 Dead
Beecoin BEE LTC 12/02/2014 Running
Antimatter ANT LTC 11/02/2014 Dead
Lemoncoin LMC LTC 09/02/2014 Dead
Rapidcoin RPD LTC 04/02/2014 Dead
Frycoin FRY LTC 05/02/2014 Running
Bladecoin BLA LTC 07/02/2014 Running
Phicoin PHI LTC 04/02/2014 Dead
Rubycoin RBC LTC 11/02/2014 Running
Moviecoin MVC LTC 15/02/2014 Dead
Zombiecoin ZMB LTC 08/02/2014 Dead
Lycancoin LYC LTC 08/02/2014 Dead
Vampirecoin VMP LTC 08/02/2014 Dead
Cypherfunk FUNK LTC 16/02/2014 Running
DNotes NOTE LTC 16/02/2014 Running
Championcoin CHAM LTC 24/01/2014 Dead
Pizzacoin PIC LTC 25/01/2014 Dead
Cinemacoin CIC PIC 02/02/2014 Dead
Musiccoin MUSC PIC 02/02/2014 Dead
Ladycoin LADY PIC 02/02/2014 Dead
Hotdogcoin HDC PIC 15/01/2014 Unknown Dead
Hamburgercoin HAC PIC 25/01/2014 Dead
Shopcoin SHOP PIC 15/02/2014 Unknown Running
Oilcoin OIL PIC 15/02/2014 Unknown Running
Vodcacoin VDC PIC 30/01/2014 Dead
Phonecoin TEL PIC 15/01/2014 Unknown Running
Colacoin COLA PIC 15/01/2014 Unknown Running
Fishcoin FISH PIC 15/02/2014 Dead
Internetcoin WWW PIC 15/02/2014 Unknown Running
Pastacoin PAS PIC 02/02/2014 Dead
Beercoin BEER PIC 02/02/2014 Dead
Swansoncoin RON LTC 21/02/2014 Running
Entropycoin ENC LTC 22/02/2014;all Dead
Gamerscoin GMC LTC 22/02/2014 Running
Appcoin APP LTC 09/02/2014 Dead
CancerCureCoin CCC LTC 04/02/2014 Dead
DuckDuckcoin DUCK LTC 04/02/2014 Running
Flappycoin FLAP LTC 14/02/2014 Running
Snapcoin SNP LTC 09/02/2014 Dead
Olimpiccoin OLY LTC 07/02/2014 Running
Corgicoin CORG LTC 02/02/2014 Running
Hobbitcoin HBC LTC 29/01/2014 Dead
Karmacoin KARM LTC 03/02/2014 Running
Alcohoin ALC LTC 21/01/2014 Dead
Beaocoin BEC LTC 22/09/2013 Dead
JunnonCoin JUN LTC 13/01/2014 Dead
Socialcoin SOC LTC 12/01/2014 Dead
Mousecoin MOSC LTC 08/01/2014 Dead
NobleCoin NOBL LTC 07/01/2014 Running
Solcoin SOL LTC 07/01/2014 Dead
Batcoin BAT LTC 06/01/2014 Running
Mediacoin MDC LTC 04/01/2014 Dead
Electric VOLT LTC 03/01/2014 Dead
Bosscoin BOS LTC 02/01/2014 Dead
Cagecoin CAGE LTC 01/01/2014 Dead
42coin 42 LTC 01/01/2014 Dead
Fedoracoin TIPS LTC 30/12/2013 Running
Transfercoin TFC LTC 30/12/2013 Dead
Mooncoin MOON LTC 29/12/2013 Running
Vaporcoin VWC LTC 29/12/2013 Dead
HamsterCoin HAM LTC 28/12/2013 Dead
Networkcoin NWC LTC 27/12/2013 Dead
Hotcoin HTC LTC 24/12/2013 Dead 90/
Kittehcoin MEOW LTC 24/12/2013 Running
Chicoin CHI LTC 24/12/2013 Dead
Leadcoin LDC LTC 23/12/2013 Dead
Xivra XIV LTC 18/12/2013 Running
Lottocoin LOTTO LTC 12/12/2013 Running
Smallchange SMC LTC 21/04/2013 Dead
GeoCoin GEO SMC 18/08/2013 Dead
Spots SPT SMC 21/07/2013 Running
CopperBar CPR SPT 12/08/2013 Dead
Pingas PINGAS CPR 27/12/2013 Dead
Dragoncoin DNC SMC 26/05/2013 Dead
Lovecoin LOVE LTC 12/12/2013 Dead
Bosscoin BOS LTC 03/12/2013 Dead
Americancoin AMC LTC 29/05/2013 Running
Cryptobits CYB LTC 18/07/2013 Dead
Pokercoin POK LTC 05/07/2013 Dead
Bestcoin BEST LTC 01/08/2013 Dead
VaginaCoin VAG LTC 31/05/2013 Dead
Quickcoin QWC LTC 05/06/2013 Dead
Flashcoin FLS LTC 01/06/2013 Dead
v STR LTC 19/07/2013 Running
AndroidsTokens ADT STR 18/08/2013 Dead
Colossuscoin COL ADT 22/08/2013 Running
Gamecoin GME LTC 12/05/2013 Running
Doubloons DBL LTC 15/05/2013 Running
Craftcoin CRC LTC 05/07/2013;all Dead
Argcoin ARC LTC 15/08/2013 Dead
Tinycoin(Angrycoin) TYC LTC 08/06/2013 Dead
Weedcoin WEC LTC 30/05/2013 Dead
Picoin PCN LTC 27/08/2013 Dead
GIL GIL LTC 14/07/2013 Dead
Italycoin ITC LTC 18/09/2013 Dead
Extremecoin EXC LTC 17/08/2013 Running
PlayToken PLT LTC 02/08/2013 Dead
Bells BEL LTC 28/10/2013 Dead
Zeuscoin ZEU LTC 10/10/2013 Dead
ELACoin ELC LTC 13/05/2013 Dead
Hypercoin HYC LTC 28/05/2013 Dead
Icecoin ICE LTC 11/06/2013 Dead
EzCoin EZC LTC 30/05/2013 Dead
CHNCoin CNC LTC 01/05/2013 Running
Jupitercoin JPC LTC 21/07/2013 Dead
Crimecoin=Communitycoin CTC LTC 01/08/2013 Running
Noirbits NRB LTC 15/06/2013 Dead
Royalcoin RYC LTC 09/05/2013 Running
Stablecoin SBC RYC 07/06/2013 Dead
Phoenixcoin PXC LTC 20/05/2013 Running
Goldcoin GLD LTC 27/07/2013 Dead
Ferretcoin FEC LTC 15/07/2013 Dead
Uscoin USC LTC 15/05/2013 Dead
Quantumcoin QTC LTC 03/06/2013 Dead
ElephantCoin ELP LTC 15/07/2013 Dead
Eaglecoin EGC LTC 22/07/2013 Dead
Redcoin RED LTC 30/06/2013 Dead
Casinocoin CSC LTC 18/07/2013 Dead
Junkcoin JKC LTC 15/05/2013 Unknown Running
Grandcoin GDC JKC 15/07/2013 Unknown Running
Supercoin SPC JKC 15/05/2013 Running
Lukycoin LKY JKC 24/05/2013 Running
JebigaCoin JBG LKY 25/03/2014 Dead
Dogecoin DOGE LKY 08/12/2013 Running
Pandacoin PND DOGE 14/02/2014 Running
Catcoin CAT DOGE 21/12/2013 Running
Nyancoin NYAN DOGE 21/12/2013 Running
Apecoin APE DOGE 18/12/2013 Running
Valuecoin VLC LTC 21/06/2013 Dead
Tradecoin TDC LTC 25/06/2013 Running
Nucoin NC LTC 23/06/2013 Dead
Sexcoin SXC LTC 28/05/2013 Running
Emerald EMD LTC 16/06/2013 Running
e-Dollar eDC LTC 02/07/2013 Dead!UcESjYDa!IQjCJTjhtrY2_MAzsAGNBQ-1cBwnYlGmUJbd3JeBK0k
Realcoin REC LTC 06/06/2013 Dead
Richcoin RCH LTC 20/06/2013 Dead
6coin 6CN LTC 15/06/2013 Dead
Globalcoin GLC LTC 26/06/2013 Running
Memecoin MEM LTC 15/05/2013 Unknown Dead
Fastcoin FST LTC 29/05/2013 Running
Krugercoin KGC LTC 15/06/2013 Unknown Running
Powercoin PWC LTC 13/05/2013 Dead
Argentum ARG LTC 11/06/2013 Running
AlphaCoin ALF LTC 10/06/2013 Dead
Nibble NBL LTC 18/05/2013 Dead
Worldcoin WDC LTC 14/05/2013 Running
PornCoin PNC WDC 15/05/2013 Dead
Digitalcoin DGC LTC 17/09/2014 Running
Mincoin MNC LTC 03/04/2013 Running
Tr011Coin TCN MNC 11/12/2013 Dead
Megacoin MEC LTC 29/05/2013 Running
Nanotoken NAN MEC 25/06/2013 Dead
Florincoin FLO LTC 17/06/2013 Running
Xencoin XNC LTC 19/06/2013 Running
Infinitecoin IFC LTC 05/06/2013 Running
Anoncoin ANC LTC 06/06/2012 Running
Franko FRK LTC 11/05/2013 Running
Netcoin NET LTC 16/09/2013 Running
Feathercoin FTC LTC 15/04/2013 Unknown Running
Sunrisecoin SRC FTC 15/05/2013 Dead
BBQcoin BQC LTC 15/07/2012 Running
Fairbrix FBX TBX 02/10/2011 Dead
GeistGeld GG BTC 09/09/2011 Dead
SolidCoin SC BTC 15/08/2011 Dead
iXcoin IXC BTC 10/08/2011 Running
I0coin I0C IXC 11/08/2011 Dead
Namecoin NMC BTC 15/04/2011 Unknown Running
Bytecoin BCN Unknown 30/06/2012 Unknown Running
DarkNetCoin DNC BCN 10/10/2014 Running
Pebblecoin XPB BCN 01/01/2015 Running
Paladincoin PLD BCN 12/09/2013 Unknown Dead Unknown
Buddhacoin BDC BCN 21/06/2013 Unknown Dead Unknown
Tavos XTV BCN 17/07/2015 Running
Dashcoin DSH BCN 05/07/2014 Running
CryptoNoteCoin CNC BCN 15/07/2014 Running
DoctorByte DB CNC 14/12/2014;all Dead Unknown
Dosh-Kapital DOSH CNC 11/08/2014 Dead
Silverback SBK DOSH 16/08/2014 Dead
DiamondBack DBK DOSH 16/08/2014 Dead
Red Wind RD CNC 25/12/2014 Running
CherryNote CRR CNC 15/07/2014 Dead
ASAPcoin ASAP CNC 22/07/2014 Dead Unknown
Infinium-8 INF8 CNC 17/07/2014 Dead
OneEvilCoin OEC BCN 14/07/2014 Dead
MonetaVerde MCN BCN 19/06/2014 Running
Boolberry BBR BCN 20/04/2014 Running
DarkNote XDN BCN 31/05/2014 Running
MountCoin MNT BCN 30/05/2014 Dead
QuazarCoin QCN BCN 19/05/2014 Running
Bitmonero/Monero XMR BCN 09/04/2014 Running
AEON AEON XMR 06/06/2014 Running
Fantomcoin FCN BCN 07/05/2014 Running
NXT NXT Unknown 28/09/2013 Running Unknown
NuBits NBT NXT 20/09/2014 Running Unknown
NODE NODE NXT 30/04/2014 Running Unknown
FIMKrypto FIMK NXT 23/07/2014 Running Unknown
NTXcoin NTX NXT 09/06/2014 Running
Vidio VDO NXT 15/10/2014 Running
Pathfinder XPH NXT 28/09/2014 Unknown
SKULLCOIN SKULL NXT 06/09/2014 Running Unknown
STABLE STB NXT 09/12/2014 Dead
ArenaCoin ARN NXT 11/11/2014 Dead
Burst Burst NXT 11/08/2014 Running Unknown
NAS NAS NXT 20/03/2014 Running
NeXT Horizon NZ NXT 31/03/2014 Running
Ripple XRP Unknown 26/09/2013 Running
Stellar Stellar XRP 01/08/2014 https: // Running
Radix Radix XRP 04/03/2014 Dead Unknown
Splash Splash XRP 15/12/2013 Dead Unknown
NetPay XNP XRP 26/09/2013 Dead