Blockchain Wire Launches at CoinAgenda 2018

Blockchain Wire is a new press release distribution service specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, initial coin offering (ICO), and security token offering (STO) news.

Its founders are Michael Terpin, Michael Shuler, and Enzo Villani. The service was announced today at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay during the 2018 CoinAgenda Global Conference.

Two of Blockchain Wire’s founders, Terpin and Shuler, were previously founders of MarketWire. Villani was the founder of GlobeNewsWire. Both Villani and Terpin are part of Transform Group – a company founded by Terpin that has helped over 100 blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects with public relations.

The new wire service hopes to differentiate itself by being the only one to offer flat-rate pricing.

New Blockchain Wire Service Signals Maturation of the Blockchain Industry

It really shows how far the entire industry has come that there is a dedicated Blockchain Wire. It will be interesting to see which types of companies choose to go with general wires and which choose to distribute to the Blockchain Wire only.

At this stage in the industry, there are realistically businesses that only want to market to existing cryptocurrency holders or blockchain business owners. Blockchain Wire co-founder and President Michael Shuler commented in an October 23rd press release:

“Current newswire services are broad in their scope and not entirely focused on blockchain and crypto-related news. Our leadership position in the blockchain space allows us to serve companies in this vertical with unmatched access to relevant media outlets, influencers and trade publications around the globe.”


Blockchain Wire ( is the first press release distribution service focused exclusively on blockchain, cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, and ICO/STO news. Blockchain Wire’s global reach includes broadcast and online media outlets, social media sites, industry trade publications, leading blogs, and influencers. Offering the lowest pricing in the industry, Blockchain Wire is the only major press release wire service with flat-rate pricing. To sign up, please visit

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