Bratislava, Slovakia to host Fin.TechSummit with the participation of experts and investors

The first year of Fin.TechSummit takes place on November 16th, 2017 in Bratislava at Crowne Plaza Hotel. It offers opportunity to obtain the unique know-how in the field of innovation and technological changes in the financial sector as well as the opportunity to meet with the leading experts and investors in this field.

Fin.TechSummit conference approaches how the modern technologies influence the development and advancement of companies in the financial sector. The issue of digital economy will be discussed in non-traditional conference formats by advanced speakers from the financial-technological scene, which put emphasis on B2B matching directly at the conference and the personal connecting of experts from the different fields.  The audience on the event is confirmed by international speakers Great Britain, Estonia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, etc.), who belong to the world´s top. The conference participants have the unique possibility to meet with them directly at the event and consult their specific problems. The part of the conference will be the mining of crypto currencies, a bitcoin slot machine and many interesting presentations of EXPO section.

Fin.TechSummit is designed for representatives of financial companies that are open to innovation, IT specialists as well as investors from CEE region. “Bratislava offers an ideal starting point for finding ways for co-operation and progress,” says Davy Čajko, founder, organizer and expert guarantor of the event.

Unique know-how and effective networking

Fin.TechSummit conference offers its participants a competitive advantage in a form of specific know-how, which they can obtain. Speakers from Central European region, the Baltic countries and The Great Britain have prepared the content, which will not be freely available. They advise how to invest to technology innovation companies or how to engage in investing. Digital innovation experts in financial sector will share their experiences in panel discussions, which will be complemented by case studies, start-ups presentations and innovative companies.

The part of conference will be a 24-hour challenge – hackaton, which goal is to create a proposal of application for management of family finances. The attractive financial reward  from and the possibility of  mutual cooperation is waiting for the winner of hackaton.

Fin.TechSummit represents an ideal platform for negotiation. It helps to connect the right  people and save time. The conference organizers made an impression for creation the vision of the future for each participant of this sector and also the opportunity to meet those they need for further progress.

“The innovative conference format provides not only time-consuming answers for acute questions, but also the practical involvement of the right people. Directly stimulates the organisation of business meetings at the event,” adds Davy Čajko.

Thematic circuits

Fin.TechSummit starts with moderated round-tables led by Lydia Goudas, managing partner of Lehner Executive Partners together with five other speakers. The topic will be a legislative related to PSD2 – European Commission Directive on Banking Payments. REGTECH will be part of this topic – how the usage of new technologies cans easier fulfilment of regulative requirements. The technological innovations raise the questions, especially regard to increased safety of personal accounts, credit cards, ID card, etc.

The second thematic circle of moderated roundtable affects human capital in banking.

The form of roundtable and also the form of presentations, experts look closer to the technological revolution of the block chain (a special kind of distributed decentralized database that records all payments of so-called crypto currencies such as bitcoin – editorial comment) with a focus on crypto currency.

The second block will be dedicated to presentations in which will not miss a presentation of successful model of cooperation of bank and start-ups. “The co-operation with start-ups is win-win model, for bank as well as for start-ups and last but not least for the clients. The start-ups are specialized for sector of financial technologies, for which banks may not have the capacity or expertise. The advantage is that they present their ideas in real bank environment. We do not have to go far, because we have Slovak, resp.Czech, experts in artificial intelligence, data science and user experience,” says Marek Šupa, CEO

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