blockexplorer example

BlockExplorer allows you to view information about transactions, blocks, and addresses on the Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Zcash blockchains. On the main page of BlockExplorer, you will see information about the bitcoin blockchain, specifically the most recent blocks and transactions. you can select which cryptocurrency you want to view at the top of the page, and just below that you can search for block heights, transaction hashes, and addresses, and you can select which currency you wish values to be displayed to you in, this defaults to USD.

How to view blocks on BlockExplorer

For blocks, you can see the height of the block, how long ago it was mined, how many transactions were on the block, who mined it (if that information is available), and the size of the block in bytes. You can also see a constantly updating list of all the most recent transactions sent to the network

You can either click on a block height or search for a block height to view more specific information about the block, such as the number of transactions on the block, the reward that went to the person who mined the block, when the block was mined, and the number of transactions that are stored on that block. Below that information, you can see each individual transaction on the block and some information about it, such as the address it came from and the address it was sent to, the amount transferred in your selected currency, and the number of confirmations the transaction has.

How to view transactions on BlockExplorer

If you click on a transaction hash or search for one, you can view details on that transaction, such as the size in bytes it takes up in its block, the fee per kilobyte at the time of the transaction, the time it was received, and the block it is in (if applicable). Below that you can see specific information on who the transaction came from, where the transaction was sent, and how much currency was involved

How to view addresses on BlockExplorer

If you click on an address you can see what transactions have been sent to it, the total amount of currency it has received, how much it has spent, and how much it currently has available

What are blocks, transactions, and address?

A block is a list of transactions when a block is mined all the fees for the transactions in it go to the miner, and the block is added to the blockchain. A transaction is just that, a transfer of cryptocurrency from one address to another, minus the fee. 

BlockExplorer has a Bitcoin Blockexplorer, a Bitcoin Cash Blockexplorer, and a Zcash Blockexplorer. Stay tuned for more!


The litecoin price surged more than 40 percent after mobile top-up service Bitrefill added litecoin payments.

Litecoin Price Spikes After Bitrefill Adds LTC Payments

Through Bitrefill, customers in more than 160 countries can use cryptocurrency to recharge their prepaid mobile phone balances. Previously, bitcoin was the only currency that the platform accepted directly. Customers who wished to pay using litecoin were forced to do so through the platform’s ShapeShift payment integration, which still required them to a pay a bitcoin transaction fee.

The litecoin price traded up on the news, spiking $16 shortly after the announcement. Litecoin continued to rise from there, eventually reaching a new all-time high of $127 on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

litecoin price
Litecoin Price Chart | Source: BitcoinWisdom

Litecoin is now up 40 percent from its previous-day level, bringing its market cap above $7 billion, according to the BlockExplorer Price Index.

Litecoin Targets Everyday Payments

Bitrefill’s decision to add litecoin payments is indicative of the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s changing landscape. Once viewed as a direct rival to PayPal, bitcoin is now looked on as a store of value, as evidenced by the community’s decision to prioritize security over low-cost transactions — at least in the short-term. Just this weak, gaming service Steam stopped accepting bitcoin payments, citing rising transaction fees.

But while the median bitcoin transaction fee currently exceeds $10, litecoin’s is less than four cents. Consequently, litecoin advocates view the present cyrptoeconomic order as an opportunity to establish LTC as cryptocurrency of choice for everyday transactions. However, the “silver to bitcoin’s gold” faces steep competition, particularly from a bitcoin offshoot that protests that cryptocurrency should first-and-foremost be “electronic cash”.

Launched in August through a hard fork, bitcoin cash boasts that it fulfills Satoshi Nakamoto’s true vision for the cryptocurrency. Many of its advocates believe that it will eventually supplant BTC, with one developer predicting that bitcoin cash will be renamed “bitcoin” within six months.

Featured Image Source: Pexels/Oliur Rahman


Users from Reddit’s /r/MillionaireMakers, an honor-system lottery group, discovered that many of their previous winners failed to collect their bitcoin winnings.


MillionaireMakers mods discover unclaimed bitcoin
MillionaireMakers mods discover unclaimed bitcoin

In January 2015, user /u/Smallrye won the /r/MillionaireMakers ‘lottery’. Among various other forms of payment, they received 3.49455462 BTC. In 2015, this amount was worth approximately $1064. Bitcoin was worth nearly $300 USD per coin at the time. At today’s high of nearly $19,000, 3.49455462 BTC translates into well over $50,000 USD.

Notably, user /u/OrgulousOgre also had a large cache worth over $11,000 at the time of writing but has not been able to be reached.

/u/Smallrye expressed shock at forgetting they owned this amount of coin. /u/Smallrye also likened the experience to a life-changing savings account:

It’s like a savings account, you don’t see it, life continues and the next thing you know some redditors are telling you that your life is different.

As the moderator has said in the post, this list only outlines the first 15 winners of the /r/MillionaireMakers lotteries. There may be more caches of bitcoin waiting in the wings to be claimed. As the price of bitcoin soars, assuredly every nook and cranny of the internet will be searched for any forgotten stores of bitcoin.

What is /r/MillionaireMakers?

The subreddit /r/MillionaireMakers has been closed for several months now, citing a lack of available moderators to run the drawings and maintain the subreddit. Previously, a monthly drawing thread would be posted and be open for 24 hours. During that time, users would leave a top-level comment (a direct reply) in the drawing thread in order to be entered in the drawing. When the entry period closed, a winner is randomly picked by the moderators. The payout is entirely based on the honor system and everyone who enters is strongly encouraged to donate a dollar using Paypal, Google Wallet, or bitcoin to the winner.

A resurgence of /r/MillionaireMakers is expected after this event, and you can be sure that many people will be combing the rest of the drawing results for unclaimed Bitcoin.

Featured image from Flickr. Shared with CC 2.0 License.

craigslist crypto option

Craigslist has added a new option when making a for-sale post, titled ‘cryptocurrency ok’. It is an exciting time for the realm of cryptocurrency as we continue to see adoption and interest increase. It was 2014 when Yelp first allowed businesses to indicate on their site whether or not Bitcoin was accepted at their establishment. This, being Craigslist after all, is a much more distributed and peer-to-peer development in mainstream Bitcoin adoption. While adoption has seen some setbacks, such as Steam deciding to halt using Bitcoin as a form of payment for their game retailing platform, we’ve also seen Bitcoin really, really pass and leave behind the $10,000 USD mark. 

You can now specify if you accept cryptocurrency on Craigslist posts

craigslist crypto option
Craigslist crypto option shows up when posting

Despite scrutiny from some mainstream outlets, Craigslist is but one of many new avenues to usability opening up recently. For example, Yahoo’s Co-Founder recently said that he believed that Bitcoin could become a global force for good. Riding on the back of surging crypto markets across the board, we’ve also seen the payment service Square experimenting with Bitcoin as well. As 2017 draws to a close, things are looking up.


Business blockchain startup SophiaTX finally kicked off its initial coin offering (ICO) on Thursday.

SophiaTX had originally scheduled its ICO for Tuesday, but the project had to press pause on those plans due to extreme congestion in the Ethereum network. As been widely reported, the network has struggled to keep up with demand for what is currently its most popular application: a Neopets-style game called CryptoKitties that lets users breed — and sell — adorable cartoon cats.

Source: CryptoKitties

And as adorable as these cats are, they have become big business. As of the time of writing, users had bought and sold more than $8.5 million worth of kittens, and four had sold for more than $100,000 each.

The CryptoKitties frenzy has turned into a serious headache for many ethereum users. Since CryptoKitties launched, the number of unconfirmed ethereum transactions has begun to pile up into a growing backlog, causing significant delays and a spike in the average transaction fee.

Source: Etherscan

SophiaTX had not planned for this scenario — an incident no one could have foreseen even two weeks ago — so the company was forced to delay its ICO by 48 hours while it grappled with how best to handle the precarious situation.

SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav Kacina used the incident as an opportunity to demonstrate the perceived need for an enterprise-dedicated blockchain.

”The recent incident demonstrates why we have chosen to build SophiaTX as a proprietary blockchain technology. Businesses require sufficient speed, security, and features that are required for a mainstream adoption by businesses, currently not provided by either Bitcoin, Ethereum and others,” he wrote on the company’s blog.

Although CryptoKitties-related transactions continue to put a strain on the network, SophiaTX officially began its ICO on Friday morning. At the time of writing, the startup had raised approximately $5.7 million, which is 12 percent of its $49.4 million target.