Craigslist Now Allows You to Specify That You Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

Craigslist has added a new option when making a for-sale post, titled ‘cryptocurrency ok’. It is an exciting time for the realm of cryptocurrency as we continue to see adoption and interest increase. It was 2014 when Yelp first allowed businesses to indicate on their site whether or not Bitcoin was accepted at their establishment. This, being Craigslist after all, is a much more distributed and peer-to-peer development in mainstream Bitcoin adoption. While adoption has seen some setbacks, such as Steam deciding to halt using Bitcoin as a form of payment for their game retailing platform, we’ve also seen Bitcoin really, really pass and leave behind the $10,000 USD mark. 

You can now specify if you accept cryptocurrency on Craigslist posts

craigslist crypto option
Craigslist crypto option shows up when posting

Despite scrutiny from some mainstream outlets, Craigslist is but one of many new avenues to usability opening up recently. For example, Yahoo’s Co-Founder recently said that he believed that Bitcoin could become a global force for good. Riding on the back of surging crypto markets across the board, we’ve also seen the payment service Square experimenting with Bitcoin as well. As 2017 draws to a close, things are looking up.

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