Crypto Meme History: Sminem

The bear market can’t last much longer. Crypto-enthusiasts around the world are staring at charts seeking the pending and inevitable pump. Watching the order-book and drawing lines on graphs to rationalize their bullish sentiment. Waiting for the big green stick that paves the road to riches and profitable scalp trades. In truth, we await our crypto-savior; the perma-bull whale of crypto-myth. We await Sminem.

sminem crypto meme
Figure 1. Bullish Sminem Leading the Pump.

Seemingly the protagonist of the crypto-chronicle, Sminem is the arch-nemesis of all bears. When Bitcoin jumps ten-percent on the hourly charts we all know who to thank. His eternal struggle for control of the market is an epic on par with The Odyssey. His faith in bitcoin unfaltering and his bullish sentiment unshakeable. 

Sminem himself is emblematic of anyone left holding bitcoin in this market. He’s a symbol of our faith in crypto. And it all started with a picture of a Russian lake, a boy, and a knock-off Eminem tee; misspelled as ‘Sminem.’

Originally posted in May of 2014 to a Russian forum, Sminem’s internet debut was met with little fanfare. The image soon found its way to Reddit and even still only found itself a modicum of attention. Submitted to /r/ANormalDayInRussia, in the summer of 2015, Sminem garnered less than 1,000 upvotes. Completely unrelated to cryptocurrency and little more than an image of a funny boy with a goofy t-shirt.

sminem original
Figure 2. The original ‘Sminem’ Photo Posted to

But that wasn’t the case for long. Like any good myth, Sminem’s image began taking hold. Posted on forums and IRC channels for crypto-enthusiasts. Soon it would seem Sminem had found a home in the cryptocurrency community. Near the end of 2016 Sminem’s image was slowly becoming the go-to for bullish traders on /biz.

sminem meme crypto
Figure 3. Common Sminem Meme on /biz/

‘Praise Sminem’ became the moniker of every pump and a regular sight on /biz/ in late 2017. More images of the boy were soon found by a few internet sleuths and by early 2018 he had become the unofficial mascot of the pump,  the banisher of bears, the savior of crypto, and the arch-nemesis of the Bogdanoffs. Finding his image featured in everything from Bizonacci videos, YouTube videos, crypto meme tees, and subreddits.

Sminem is the embodiment of every Bitcoin maximalist and cryptocurrency lover’s hopes and dreams. Arms open and head held high to embrace the impending pump and volatility that is bitcoin. Enjoying some good memes along the way.

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Carty Sewill

Carty is a graphic designer and cryptocurrency enthusiast based out California. He enjoys sci-fi, Seinfeld, and philosophy. See his work at his website

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