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Bitcoin Guides

what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? – The most comprehensive, simple guide for beginners

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? – 24 clues to the identity of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator

How Many Bitcoins Are There? – (Hint, Not Many)

Bitcoin Units and Denominations – A simple breakdown from one BTC to one “Satoshi”

What is a Bitcoin Hard Fork? – When Bitcoin splits into another cryptocurrency

5 Failed Bitcoin Forks – the Bitcoin projects that never made it


Ethereum Guides

Ethereum guides

What is Ethereum? – The most comprehensive, simple guide for beginners

What is “The Flippening?” – Explaining the hypothetical moment when ethereum overtakes bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency

What are Smart Contracts? – An easy-to-understand guide for beginners-intermediates

10 Most Popular Ethereum dApps – From cartoon “Cryptokitties” to decentralized exchanges and “high-risk” games, there’s a dApp for that!


Ripple (XRP) Guides

What is Ripple?



What is xRapid? – Everything you need to know about Ripple’s cryptocurrency service.

Cryptocurrency Safety & Storage

8 Cryptocurrency Best Practices – From secure wallets to making backups, we walk you through the best safety tips

What is Cold Storage for Bitcoin? – The safest way to store your cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Insurance – What is it? And do you need it?


More Coins, Explained

What is Bitcoin Cash? – A bitcoin fork designed for smaller payments

What is Litecoin? – The silver to bitcoin’s gold

What is EOS? – A competitor to Ethereum?

What is Dash? – A faster, more private alternative to bitcoin?

What is ICON? – A blockchain full of blockchains



What are Stablecoins? – Analyzing the four different types of stablecoins

Everything you need to Know About Tether – The controversial (and biggest) stablecoin on the market.

Everything you Need to Know About Petro – A stablecoin created by the Venezuelan government

Top 25s

Top 25 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2017

Top 25 Altcoins, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies of 2017


Blockchain Island – Why do crypto companies love Malta?

The Best Crypto Debit Cards – Use them to pay for things in real life and online


Crypto Regulation

Bitcoin and the IRS – Everything you need to know about bitcoin taxes

What is KYC? (Know  Your Customer)– A practical guide for investors and entrepreneurs

What is AML? (Anti-Money-Laundering) – A practical guide for investors and entrepreneurs

What is an ICO? – A new and controversial way for crypto projects to crowdfund  investment.

What is a SAFT? – A “simple agreement for future tokens”



What are Sidechains? – A faster traffic lane for blockchains

How to Configure Your Own Blockchain Network – Use a private Ethereum network to run your own blockchain

What are Non-Fungible Tokens? – Explained with cartoon cats