CryptoKitties on the Ethereum Blockchain Sell for over $100K

Cryptokitties are some man’s best friend. A cryptokitty has sold for over $100K. Ethereum allows users to execute smart contracts, and CryptoKitties uses this functionality to buy, sell, and breed CryptoKitties. Now, 13% of the Ethereum blockchain transactions are related to cryptokitties. Cryptocurrencies are often referred to in a very serious manner, and it’s easy to forget that the people using them are still human, and are prone to having fun on occasion. This is one of the funnier things that cryptocurrencies have been used for.

Cryptokitties are worth quite a bit

CryptoKitties are both something fun you can do with Ethereum and are a pretty good tech demo to show what can be built with Ethereum – not to be confused with CryptoCat. CryptoKitties can be bred together, taking into account some genetics from previous breed – specific breeding has the chance to create a ‘fancy cat’. ‘Fancy cats’ are based on real people and are extremely rare. For example, there is one named after Elon Musk with the name ‘Feline Musk’. The market for these cats is growing quickly, and the very first cat ever made, named Genesis, sold for 246.9 Ether. At that time, 246.9 Ether was worth $117,712.12, a shocking amount. the average kitty sale price at the time of writing was $44.62, according to kittysales.

Remember the Bitcoin Pizza?

On May 18, 2010, bitcoin user under the username ‘laszlo made a post on the forum, specifically the marketplace where trades for bitcoin were negotiated and executed. The user requested that someone order them two pizzas to be delivered to their address in exchange for 10,000 bitcoin, worth $41 on the now-defunct bitcoinmarket exchange according to a user on the thread. The trade was reported as complete on May 22, 2010 by laszlo. If the trade had been conducted today, these coins would be worth $116,681,758.46 USD at time of writing. Converted the other direction, the $41 originally paid would have been 0.003509819595950491 BTC.

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