Electrum Pro Site Shuts Down, Citing ‘False Accusations’ As Cause

“Due to false accusations from electrum.org, they have ruined our reputation and brand of Electrum Pro. They managed to trick several news outlets to slander us. We decided to go our seperate ways to work on different projects.“

Following the proof released and verified on may 9th, the site hosting the malware Electrum Pro seems to have been voluntarily shut down. A message on the site states Electrum Pro’s reputation has been ruined due to false accusations from electrum.org. The message further states that the domain is up for sale for 25BTC, and provides a contact email.

Claims of ‘False accusations’ by electrum.org

The Electrum Pro team states that they have been falsely accused by electrum.org. This statement is false, as electrum.org provided proof that can be externally verified. BlockExplorer verified this proof itself in its earlier article, in which the malicious wallet was decompiled and the code to steal keys proven to exist. The malicious code even goes so far as to hide its network activity in what looks like normal version analytics. Meaning that a quick glance over the network activity of the wallet could miss the malicious activity.

Further verification that the wallet steals seeds was found by Twitter user Gergely Eberhardt, who in a tweet showed the original code found in the Android app version of the malicious wallet.

It would seem that yes, there are false accusations here. But they are not from electrum.org. Instead, they are from the Electrum Pro team itself.

Armin Davis

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