/r/MilllionaireMakers Users Discover Large Unclaimed Bitcoin Winnings

Users from Reddit’s /r/MillionaireMakers, an honor-system lottery group, discovered that many of their previous winners failed to collect their bitcoin winnings.


MillionaireMakers mods discover unclaimed bitcoin
MillionaireMakers mods discover unclaimed bitcoin

In January 2015, user /u/Smallrye won the /r/MillionaireMakers ‘lottery’. Among various other forms of payment, they received 3.49455462 BTC. In 2015, this amount was worth approximately $1064. Bitcoin was worth nearly $300 USD per coin at the time. At today’s high of nearly $19,000, 3.49455462 BTC translates into well over $50,000 USD.

Notably, user /u/OrgulousOgre also had a large cache worth over $11,000 at the time of writing but has not been able to be reached.

/u/Smallrye expressed shock at forgetting they owned this amount of coin. /u/Smallrye also likened the experience to a life-changing savings account:

It’s like a savings account, you don’t see it, life continues and the next thing you know some redditors are telling you that your life is different.

As the moderator has said in the post, this list only outlines the first 15 winners of the /r/MillionaireMakers lotteries. There may be more caches of bitcoin waiting in the wings to be claimed. As the price of bitcoin soars, assuredly every nook and cranny of the internet will be searched for any forgotten stores of bitcoin.

What is /r/MillionaireMakers?

The subreddit /r/MillionaireMakers has been closed for several months now, citing a lack of available moderators to run the drawings and maintain the subreddit. Previously, a monthly drawing thread would be posted and be open for 24 hours. During that time, users would leave a top-level comment (a direct reply) in the drawing thread in order to be entered in the drawing. When the entry period closed, a winner is randomly picked by the moderators. The payout is entirely based on the honor system and everyone who enters is strongly encouraged to donate a dollar using Paypal, Google Wallet, or bitcoin to the winner.

A resurgence of /r/MillionaireMakers is expected after this event, and you can be sure that many people will be combing the rest of the drawing results for unclaimed Bitcoin.

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