Georgetown University to Offer Course in Blockchain Technology

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business recently announced that it would be offering a course in Blockchain technology. BlockExplorer has learned some specifics about the upcoming course; Perianne Boring, the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s founder and president will be joining the University’s faculty as an adjunct professor. Perianne will be teaching the course with John Jacobs – former CMO and VP of the Nasdaq stock exchange

One of the biggest challenges facing the Blockchain industry is Blockchain-ready talent,” “In order for this industry to reach mass adoption, we need to develop a workforce that can support it. I am honored to join the faculty at Georgetown McDonough in helping to prepare the future generation of professionals in this exciting technology frontier.” – Perianne Boring

What the course on Blockchain technology will cover

The course will start by covering the evolution of financial technology. With guest lectures from industry professionals such as Brent de Jong – chairman of Emergent Technology Holdings and founder of G Coin, Jordan Kruger – the director of research and operations at bloq, and Karl Muth – the founder of Haystack.

BlockExplorer’s source specifically mentioned that the course discusses Internet of Things devices, robo-advising, and algorithmic trading would be covered in its first half. With more blockchain specific topics discussed in the second half. Such as cryptocurrencies themselves, Initial Coin Offerings, regulation and policy.

“The markets are evolving and Georgetown McDonough is too,” – John Jacobs

This course is a good development for the future of blockchain development and specifically its use in cryptocurrencies.

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business will also be hosting the third annual DC Blockchain summit from March 6 to March 8. The summit will involve discussions on key market developments; such as ICOs, Bitcoin futures, cryptocurrency trading and investment, smart contracts, legislative and regulatory trends. This summit is one of a few expected in the next months


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