HitBTC Review: A Chicago Based Cryptocurrency Exchange with Extensive Trading Pairs

HitBTC is a Chicago based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014 and is #12 on BlockExplorer’s top 25 exchanges of 2017 list.

HitBTC supports a huge number of trading pairs, with high amounts of activity on most of them. All of the trading pairs on HitBTC are crypto/crypto and offers an API for programmatic trading.

HitBTC is recommended for mid to large scale traders looking for a high activity exchange.


hitbtc cryptoURL: hitbtc.com
Total trading pairs: 273
Deposit fees: Yes, for some currencies
Withdrawal fees: Yes
Trading fees: Yes, -0.01% – 0.1%
Verification: Yes, but unneeded


Registration is exquisitely simple, requiring only an email and password. After submitting the registration form, you will receive an email with a confirmation link.


HitBTC breaks its trading fees into the usual maker/taker model. Where takers pay a fee of 0.1% on all trades, makers receive a fee of -0.01%, meaning makers receive additional currency when making trades. Otherwise, fees for deposit and withdrawal are set per currency and can be seen on the wallet page.


HitBTC’s interface is highly configurable. While defaulting to a day mode with bright colors, it has a night mode with darker colors. The main exchange page has plenty of information presented in an organized manner. On the main page there is a chart of the currently selected pair, a method of switching trading pairs, buy/sell order forms, an order book, a small chat window, and a list of your current active orders. On the top right of the page is your current balances that are relevant to the currently selected trading pair, alongside their estimated worth in BTC and USDT

The chart can be switched between HitBTC’s chart and a chart generated by TradingView. The TradingView chart is more configurable, but it does not follow your configured theme, so you may find it to be extremely bright if you switch to it during a late night trading session. Otherwise, the entire layout of the trading page can be changed to your personal preference.


At the time of writing, verification was unnecessary to do any sort of trading, and unverified accounts had the “general” designation. The language around the verification page seemed to indicate that this would change at some point in the future. The “General” verification level is given to all new accounts and has no withdrawal or deposit limits.

Getting verified is a single step process where you email a large amount of personal information to HitBTC’s compliance department. The personal information required is as follows:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of birth
  • Address
  • Bank account information
  • Government ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of bank account ownership

After sending your email, verification should take between three and five working days.


HitBTC pays attention to security features, passwords have no length limits. You can configure automatic logout after a set amount of time, and to go with that, you can log out all active sessions.

Armin Davis

Armin is a cryptocurrency mining and computer security enthusiast. Writing is fun too.

14 Replies to “HitBTC Review: A Chicago Based Cryptocurrency Exchange with Extensive Trading Pairs”

  1. That’s alright with trading operations and functionality on HITBTC. The interface is simple, easy to understand it. There are many tools for trading not limited with the top currencies. A symbolic fee for deposit/withdrawal.

  2. When trading on the exchange hitbtc I can analyze pairs of time frames (the value from minutes to weeks), study how deep is the market, use 2 standard orders: market and limit. In general, not bad, although the overall functionality is not much different from other similar exchanges

  3. As soon as I knew about HITBTC exchange, there was no need in multiwallets. I am working at the stock exchange for more than six months, no problems arose. Minimal commissions, transaction speed is fantastic. There is rather good affiliate program, I’m happy with it. The token of the IOTA ecosystem, is now listed on HitBTC

  4. You can trade with hitbtc on cryptocurrency pairs with high liquidity, also a good combination of coins and fiat. Security is provided by two-factor authentication, I installed Google-app. You can also set up confirmation of withdrawal via mailbox. The API is also available, somebody uses it to manage the account. Margin trading is not provided, but I do not suffer from it. Orders are basic, although I use mainly 2 standard orders, market and limit

  5. I was totally crocked up with another exchange until got my problem solved but in hitbtc I’m doing without troubles. perhaps because I learnt those lessons and didn’t repead my past mistakes. another good point is their website and more than that my I feel protected about my coins

  6. Hey, guys. I see there are problems with HITBTC but in my opinion exchange is cool and no worse than others. Anyway I’m glad.

  7. i’m happy that i was right about the place where to trade. Hitbtc has always been doing great when it comes to the volume. They’ve been in business since 2013 and gained traders’ respect. Hitbtc are indeed cool and the best.

  8. It’s best to get coins on HITBTC with a personal crypto-shell, I heard there were problematic cases of transfer from the exchange to the exchange, so in your case I would not risk it.

  9. I used hitbtc to withdraw quite a big amt of crypto and managed to make a good deal on bitcoin falling. i’ve suffered any irregularity with my withdrawal

  10. Who said that the stock exchange has problems? Everything works fine, moreover, I even earned coins on this exchange.

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