Large Scale Cryptojacking Alert, Ledger Wallet Desktop, Bitcoin on Wall St., Lobbyists Cash-in On Bitcoin: Wednesday, June 6th News Bytes

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Ledger Wallet Desktop Edition Launching on July 9
Operation Prowli: GuardiCore Uncovers Large Scale Cryptojacking
GuardiCore, a cloud-based security provider, has uncovered a large-scale attack on vulnerable servers. BlockExplorer reported on the story as it came to light, “Codenamed Operation Prowli, the attack leverages various exploits to redirect web traffic, and to install cryptocurrency mining software on its targets”.

One Firm Is Way Ahead of Wall Street on Bitcoin
The New York Times reports, ” The financial firm, Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., just outside Philadelphia, is one of the largest players in trading traditional investments like stocks, options and exchange traded funds, or E.T.F.s. Over the last two years, the privately owned company has also built up a trading desk of around a dozen people that buys and sells millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin and other virtual or cryptocurrencies in private deals.”

Block Explorer’s Tony Spilotro reports, “Cold storage through a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S is among the safest, most secure, and widely recommended way to store crypto assets. However, using a hardware wallet isn’t always straightforward: not all coins are supported, user interfaces are clunky, and users are often required to use multiple apps to interact with different blockchains.”

Lobbyists Cash-in On Bitcoin
In this Politico money podcast, reporters examine how lobbyists cash in on bitcoin.

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