Leading VPN Provider Acquires Bitcoin BlockExplorer



DENVER AND BERLIN — London Trust Media Holdings, provider of the leading VPN service Private Internet Access, has acquired the bitcoin reference site BlockExplorer. The ambition is to develop the site into a bigger outlet for market and economy data for the new financial world, with the vision of enabling a new generation of cryptocurrency users.

“Our company vision has always been about privacy and sovereignty, and as such, the addition of BlockExplorer fits well with how we want to shape the future”, says Rick Falkvinge, current Head of Privacy at Private Internet Access and newly appointed CEO of BlockExplorer. “We think of ourselves as financially sustainable privacy activists, and the concept of financial sovereignty goes hand in hand with our previous work for civil liberties.”

BlockExplorer has long been a reliable reference site in the Bitcoin community, and is used by many if not most next-generation financial services to look up details of transactions on the bitcoin network. Now, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can keep up market data and news on the site, for multiple cryptocurrencies.

“We will continue to make BlockExplorer an even greater site for the people”, says Caleb Chen, newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of the larger and improved BlockExplorer site. “We are up against trillions of dollars of the old money, and intend to beat them. It’s exciting to be part of this amazing movement. BlockExplorer has long served the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community with market leading insight. We are committed to rolling out the next generation of cryptocurrency market data.”



Rick Falkvinge (on European Berlin time), +46708303600

Caleb Chen (on United States Pacific time), +12132928492

About BlockExplorer

BlockExplorer is the longest running source of Bitcoin blockchain information and a leader in the financial technology media industry. Now, BlockExplorer has expanded to offer news, market data, and information about multiple blockchains. BlockExplorer gives decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a trusted source of data, analysis, and news. Visit the site at www.blockexplorer.com for more information.

About London Trust Media

London Trust Media Holdings (LTMH) is a group of companies seeking to return the Internet to its original state, where thoughts, ideas, and people were free from control and invasion. LTMH is a movement seeking to return power to the people. The LTMH group does this using cryptography, security, and anonymity technologies that empower individuals against encroaching governments. LTMH runs Private Internet Access (PIA), the leading no-log VPN service provider in the world. LTMH truly believes that access to an open internet is a fundamental human right and furthers that mission internally and by donating to causes such as FSF, EFF, GNOME, Arch Linux, Linux Mint, Qubes OS, FFTF, and many more to promote privacy and FOSS causes internationally. Please visit our website at www.londontrustmedia.com for more information.



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