Six Crypto Conferences You Need to Be at in November

Block Explorer scours the globe for the best blockchain conferences and events every month. In November the action is spread all over the world from Hangzhou to St. Petersberg to California. You’ll find a complete list of events at our Conference Schedule, but for now, let’s look at some of the best crypto conferences this October.

Blockchain Expo

Santa Clara, November 28th-29th

blockchain expo conference

Blockchain Expo takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley this November. It brings together some of the leading figures in the tech industry with blockchain experts. On the speaking lineup, you’ll see representatives from General Electric and Boeing alongside blockchain pioneer Nick Szabo (inventor of smart contracts).

It’s a strong sign that the wider world is waking up and taking blockchain technology seriously. 

The agenda itself is packed full of events focusing on blockchain for business and how cryptocurrencies fit into the world of financial services. It all takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Key speakers: Nick Szabo (smart contracts inventor), Craig DeWitt (Ripple), Sherry Li (General Electric).

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Money 20/20

Hangzhou, November 14th-16th


After October’s wildly successful event in Las Vegas, Money 20/20 moves to Asia. Hosted in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the event will play host to C-Suite executives, directors, and VPs. 

Money 20/20 will see more than 400 speakers over 100 sessions discuss the next stage of blockchain and fintech development. 

Key speakers: Natalie Ceeney CBE (Innovate Finance), Chris Chen (PWC)

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Shift Money

Zagreb, November 26th-27th


Shift Money firmly cements itself as one of the must-attend conferences in Europe with representatives from Google, Microsoft, and Deloitte in attendance. 

The most exciting aspect of Shift Money is its list of speakers. We’ll hear from Coinbase, Ripple, Dash, IBM, The Economist, and Mashable. It truly brings together experts in the technology and finance world.

Talking points include machine learning, the everyday spending of crypto, and cross-border payments. 

Key speakers: Connie Yang (Coinbase), Robert Wiecko (Dash), Ross D’Arcy (Ripple).

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Blockchain Life

St. Petersburg, November 7th-8th


Blockchain Life is the largest crypto event in Russia and Eastern Europe with 5,000 attendees from over 70 countries. 

The biggest draw for Blockchain Life is their recently announced key speaker, Roger Ver, the head of Ver will address the conference via Skype, while some of Eastern Europe’s most prominent blockchain figures take the stage. 

Crypto startups and blockchain projects are also invited to set up a stall and pitch their ideas throughout the conference.

Key speakers: Roger Ver (, Aldrich Victorino (OKEX), Klim Geram (NEM).

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World Blockchain Summit

Amsterdam, Nov 9th

World Blockchain Summit

After a phenomenal event in Dubai, World Blockchain Summit continues its globe-hopping tour to Amsterdam. Its series of 15 events lands in Europe this month and features a star-studded lineup of discussions and panels.

Among the speakers are Roger Ver, Bloomberg’s Justina Lee, and Vanessa Grellet from Consensys.

The discussion points are particularly intriguing. We’ll see talks on blockchain’s integration with self-driving cars and how blockchain could reshape media and advertising.

Key speakers: Roger Ver (, Justina Lee (Bloomberg), Vanessa Grellet (Consensys)

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Canadian FinTech Awards

Toronto, Nov 26th

Canadian Fintech awards

The 4th annual Canadian FinTech Awards arrive at the end of the month. The ceremony highlights the most innovative and exciting projects in fintech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Award categories include “Blockchain Company of the Year,” “FinTech Leader of the Year,” and “Global Impact Award.”

The judges are a high-profile bunch with representatives from Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Visa, Mastercard, and Instagram.

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