Lorien Gamaroff, a well-known thought leader and speaker in the South African blockchain community, will be the Master of Ceremonies at the 4th annual Blockchain Africa Conference. The conference is hosted by Bitcoin Events Pty Ltd and takes place in Johannesburg on 8-9 March 2018.

As South Africa’s foremost blockchain expert, Lorien has been invited to speak all over the world on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers, and their benefits for emerging economies. He has addressed the IMF, World Bank, FBI, Commonwealth Secretariat, South African Reserve Bank, and a host of banking professionals and attorney generals.

Interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been growing rapidly in the last few years. This is especially true in emerging economies such as those in Africa, Asia and South America. The potential for these technologies to create new opportunities and solve the problems of legacy institutions is seemingly boundless. Multiple incumbents are threatened with disintermediation if the promises touted by pundits, specifically within but by no means limited to the financial services industry and central banking itself, hold true. With all this unbridled optimism it is important to understand these innovations and to what purpose they may serve. The annual South African Blockchain Conference serves an important role in highlighting those companies and thought leaders that have demonstrated success in delivering progressive solutions in this space. It brings together many of the minds that are at the forefront of these vital technologies and that form a pillar of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is unmissable for those who want to be prepared and benefit from it.” – Lorien Gamaroff

Andrew Keys is the first confirmed speaker for the 2018 Blockchain Africa Conference. Andrew is Head of Global Business Development at ConsenSys and Co-founder of ConsenSys Capita. ConsenSys is the largest organisation in the world dedicated to Ethereum and the Web 3.0. It’s a venture production studio building decentralised applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. Andrew will be speaking about the New York based blockchain software technology company’s latest projects.

At the 2017 Blockchain Africa Conference, Mr Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a well-known and highly respected authority in the digital currency and blockchain space, was the keynote speaker while tech giant SAP was one of the premier sponsors for the conference.

Local and international speakers discuss use cases in cloud storage, smart contracts, Blockchain-as-a-Service, payments such as remittances, micro payments, settlements and clearing, record keeping, audit trails, identity, intellectual property, ownership and supply chain management. The 2018 conference will address requested topics around performance and scalability of the blockchain, and challenges that regulators face with this technology.

The blockchain unlocks new opportunities in Africa, and offers advancements and innovation in various fields. Just this month, Pick ‘n Pay, one of SA’s largest retailers, successfully conducted a bitcoin payment trial at its head office’s canteen store in Cape Town. Furthermore, South Africa’s largest financial institutions have set up the South African Blockchain Financial Consortium, with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and Financial Services Board (FSB) participating in observer roles. This is a positive step towards promoting this technology to institutions – from government to financial and non-financial industries. It potentially reduces the existing lag between innovation and regulation.

Early Bird conference tickets are available until 30 September 2017. Standard ticket sales open on 1 October 2017. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off the standard ticket price. A limited number of start-up tickets are available and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

For more information about the conference or to buy tickets, please visit www.blockchainafrica.co or email us at [email protected] 

kazahkstan bitcoin blockchain

On September 28, Kazakhstan will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty for the first time. Leading specialists will come together to discuss the latest news and the future of blockchain technologies in the country.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a network of large blockchain events organized by Smile-Expo Company in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Tallinn, Prague and Stockholm.

Why Kazakhstan?

Blockchain is being actively developed in the country. The government is aimed at technological modernization of the economy. Especially for this purpose, officials created a governmental program “Digital Kazakhstan” paying special attention to blockchain.

The team from the international financial center “Astana” will design the infrastructure for the development of this technology. Besides, Kazakhstan will become the second country regulating cryptocurrencies at the state level.

What to expect from Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty?
The conference will consist of three large discussion blocks:

1. Introduction to bitcoin: overview of the cryptocurrency market. Participants of the block will discuss development tendencies of digital currencies in Kazakhstan as well as all over the world. Special attention will be paid to regulation of cryptocurrencies at the governmental level.

2. Blockchain and practical solutions based on the technology. Blockchain experts will share their experience in creating projects on the basis of the distributed ledger technology and will tell visitors about difficulties developers face.

3. ICO. This block will be entirely dedicated to a popular issue of digital token crowdsale. Speakers will describe all the stages and pitfalls of ICO.
The conference will also feature panel discussions. The business community and everyone interested in fintech will be able to talk to world-class experts.

Moreover, participants of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty will have a chance to visit the exhibition dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry where they can see new mining hardware, software, payment systems, blockchain products and other solutions for the B2B and B2C audience.

During the exhibition, participants will have an opportunity to speak to representatives of mining and blockchain companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin wallets, law and IT firms and more.

You can read the program of the event and register on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty.

On September 7, Stockholm will host a large conference dedicated to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm. That is one of the events from Smile-Expo company that organized 15 blockchain conferences in Europe. The key discussion topics will include blockchain implementation (in finance, power industry, municipal services, insurance), token issuance as an investment tool, and legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

ICO for startups and investors

The hot topic of Initial Coin Offering will be highlighted in the discussions with the cofounder of TenX Julian Hosp, blockchain evangelist Oleg Kudrenko, and cofounder of Cofound.it Daniel Zakrisson. Daniel will share the experience of successfully held crowdsale campaign that raised over $15 million to develop a platform intended for finding investment and financing startups. Julian will present five main characteristics of a successful ICO and give practical advice on token issuance, and Oleg’s presentation will focus on the analysis and prospects of Initial Coin Offering.

Legislation and cryptocurrency adoption

One of the keynote speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will be the main blockchain and cryptocurrency lobbyist in the Swedish Parliament Mathias Sundin. He is known as the world’s first politician that ran his political campaign backed up by bitcoin donations only. Mathias, whose election program contained the summons to support innovations, will present his view on cryptocurrency adoption by the society. The report of Safello’s CEO Frank Schuil will cover a similar topic – the adoption of blockchain and bitcoin. He will review different stages of cryptocurrency adoption: from their zero value several years ago to wide opportunities in 2017.

Blockchain in power industry and other areas

Leading engineer of Polish IBM division Karolina Marzantowicz will devote her presentation to blockchain application in the power industry. The audience will learn how decentralization helps to cut costs in the power market. In addition, the conference will include presentations on the topics of national cryptocurrency issuance, mining, shifting business to smart contracts, and blockchain application in the insurance field. Alongside the conference, an exhibition of software, hardware, and related services that cater to the needs of crypto industry and investing will be held. More information about the topics and speakers is available on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm.

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