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Opera Allows You to Convert Currency to BTC
A reddit user found that web browser Opera now lets you set preferences to convert currency to BTC.

The Effect of GDPR on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Services
Lawyer and tech enthusiast Danica Sergison gives an overview of a few GDPR trends to be aware of if you use cryptocurrency services, including exchanges, wallets, and peer-to-peer marketplaces. A BlockExplorer exclusive.

Adult Film Star and Trump Adversary Stormy Daniels Adds Crypto Rewards to Her Professional Website
In an effort to encourage her site visitors to consume content, Story Daniels has added crypto rewards to Coindesk explains that what Daniels is using is called a Vice Industry Token (VIT) and “was created for use cases within the adult entertainment industry”. They go on to say that “tokens earned can then be used to access premium content or to purchase services at other sites supporting the token.”

Bitcoin Gold Suffers Double Spend Attacks, $17.5 Million Lost
Bitcoin Gold traders have been working on tracing the attack since last week. ZDnet reports, “Scrutiny of unusual activity on the network has revealed the scheme, in which “double spending” attacks have been launched against cryptocurrency exchanges trading the virtual currency.”

There’s 1 Bitcoin Hidden in This Puzzle, and Whoever Solves it Wins
Bitcoin community members are trying to crack a puzzle hidden within a word cloud image. CCN shares that the image “was posted earlier this week on the Bitcoin subreddit by new user cryptogreetings, who informed excited readers that one whole Bitcoin (currently worth $8300) was up for grabs for whoever could figure it out. At face value, the image is a word cloud of words and numbers taken from Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakomoto’s whitepaper, all different sizes and overlapping each other.”

South Africa Investigates $80 Million Bitcoin Scam
Reuters reports, “South African authorities are investigating an alleged cryptocurrency scam that defrauded investors of 1 billion rand ($80 million) with promises of huge returns that never materialized, police said on Friday.”

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Dear BlockExplorer users, will be supporting Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin, which we feel currently has a negative momentum path when it comes to utility. Going so far as to change the default to show Bitcoin (Cash) over Bitcoin Legacy. BlockExplorer CEO, Rick Falkvinge, wrote in the announcement:

In August 2017, Bitcoin forked into two variants. These have taken radically different paths.

Looking at the situation one quarter later, it is clear to us that the Blockstream fork of bitcoin diverges so radically from the ideas presented in the Bitcoin white paper, that it is an evolutionary dead end. While it may still have high trading value, as a mere collectible of curiosity, the Blockstream fork of bitcoin is not part of building any future financial infrastructure, which is what Block Explorer is about.

A currency of the future has subcent optional usage fees and instant transactions. The Blockstream fork of Bitcoin (“Bitcoin Legacy”) is at $20 usage fees and rising, with no end in sight, and can take days to confirm, despite unfulfilled promises to the contrary on both points when Segwit activated in what can only be described as a community fistfight. We are therefore making the decision to consider the Blockstream fork deprecated, and support it as legacy technology only.

Rather, we have made the decision to support the only bitcoin fork with a postive utility momentum, which is Bitcoin Cash. We took an early decision to deploy a Bitcoin Cash block explorer and will continue to roll out related services. We are also deploying tools for other cryptocurrencies we find on a positive momentum path, such as ZCash, which have increased privacy value.

We will not add future support for the Blockstream fork of bitcoin (“Bitcoin Legacy”), and will be deprecating it entirely at some future point in time to be determined. Developments have revealed it to be a dead end. At such a time, we will refer to Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin only, but will make some effort to not break API calls by changing URLs of legacy automated systems.

Developers: Note the BlockExplorer API is changing

BlockExplorer’s API and website will change, so if your site references BlockExplorer for Bitcoin Legacy, please take note of the following changes:

  • will be switched over to displaying Bitcoin Cash data.
  • will display Bitcoin Legacy data.
  • will continue to serve data from Bitcoin Legacy for now until we feel confident we can deprecate it, in which it will then serve Bitcoin Cash data.
  • should be used immediately to use the Bitcoin Legacy API.
  • should be used for the Bitcoin Cash API for now, until it is switched over to