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Andreas Antonopoulos has announced that Mastering Ethereum, a technical guide for those interested in using Ethereum, has completed copy edits and will ship at the end of this year.

The book is the cumulative effort of Andreas Antonopolous, Gavin Wood, as well as dozens of contributors and two Github editors that helped manage the open source process.

Antonopoulos is best known for his breakthrough 2014 book Mastering Bitcoin which remains one of the most important resources on the subject.

Those that pre-ordered Mastering Ethereum over a year ago will start receiving their shipments in late November or early December. New orders will start shipping on December 10th.

Why was this book made and why is its imminent release big news? It’s best to hear those words from Antonopoulos himself. Here’s his video detailing why he’s writing the book.

Mastering Ethereum has Completed Copy Edits, Ships December 10th

For those that can’t afford a print copy of Mastering Ethereum, even with a discount from, the book is currently available in its entirety for reading on Github under ethereumbook/ethereumbook.

Though Mastering Ethereum is currently released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license, once it’s released, the book will eventually change to an even less restrictive license. Antonopoulos stated in a post announcing the completion of copy-editing to the Ethereum subreddit:

“Within the first year from publication we will open the license to CC-BY-SA allowing derivatives (most importantly: open translations) and commercial re-use with open licenses.”

Once the Ethereum book is out, expect it to become as widely translated as his breakthrough Mastering Bitcoin book – or perhaps more considering that Ethereum is currently the fastest growing cryptocurrency project on Github.

Mastering Bitcoin translations are currently available in seven different languages and partial translations are available in three others.

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Just as a completely unfounded speculative note: bitcoin was trading at around $641 when Mastering Bitcoin was released on July 1st, 2014. What the release of Mastering Ethereum ends up doing to the ether price is as much of a question as what the hash of a future block is – we just won’t know until it happens.

There’s no question, though, that the book’s release will be a boon for Ethereum development and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Antonopoulos also told the Ethereum subreddit:

“Overall, I’m very happy with the result and I hope it serves to help thousands of developers get started and learn how to “Master” Ethereum.”

Image from Mastering Ethereum used under CC-BY-NC-ND license.

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