Every Friday, we take a light-hearted tour through the best memes, colloquialisms, and oddities from the cryptoverse. As the bitcoin price continues to fall, we look at meme-culture’s favorite cryptocurrency manipulators: the Bogdanoff Twins. Carty Sewill explains.

It hasn’t gotten any better. In the past week, bitcoin has fallen from grace. We could blame gravity but that’s no fun. In such dire times, we’re in need of a scapegoat. Well, look no further than the twins; the Bogdanoff twins. The guys manipulating the markets and dumping bitcoin right after you “buy the dip.” 

Well, according to this meme, anyway.

bogdanoff twins crypto meme
The Bogdanoff Twins

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff are French celebrities and acclaimed science-fiction producers known for their television series Temps X. The two were also involved in an intriguing academic controversy known as ‘The Bogdanov Affair,’ and possess a penchant for plastic surgery which contributes to their iconic unearthly looks. In December 2016, users on 4chan began ironically suggesting the twins had an immense influence on French politics. A meme was born.

bogdanoff twins bitcoin meme

The OP (original poster) asks for a rundown on the Bogdanoff Twins. Replies include:

> in contact with aliens.

> rumored to possess psychic abilities.

> control France with an iron fist.

> own castles and banks all over the world.

> will bankroll the first cities on Mars.

It’s a meme that would wind its way through political, conspiratorial, and, finally, cryptocurrency subcultures to become synonymous with bitcoin and big red candles. The mythos surrounding these guys includes everything from being “in contact with aliens,” to having a “400 IQ,” or making, “the Rothchilds bow to the Bogdanoffs.” The kind of power capable of saving Europe from political disaster with a phone call. 

Or destroying bitcoin’s market capitalization.

That’s what they’ve been doing for months, if the meme is any indication. The twins prepare the bulls, make the call, and tell their minions to “dump eet.” A maxim that’s left many a bitcoin holder destitute, or ‘bogged,’ and short-sellers ecstatic.

People buy the dip and pray for green as the Bogdanoff’s scheme the next dump. The secret’s out. Now we know what’s really going on behind the blockchain, thanks to video-maker Bizonacci and memers like him. 

From YouTube videos to forum posts, there has been an all-out public awareness campaign to expose these market manipulators. Awareness is key but it does nothing in the wake of such power. The Bogdanoffs will likely continue their bearish ways and there’s little we can do but inform, educate, and hope.

A Bogdanoff “making the call”


Every Friday, we take a light-hearted tour through the best memes, colloquialisms, and strangeties from the cryptoverse. As bitcoin hits a 12-month low, what better place to start than hodl! Carty Sewill explains.

Hodl; in times like these it’s harder than ever. Those of us with iron hands are still memeing our way to financial ruin or redemption. We’re ‘Holding On for Dear Life.’ 

That’s what it means to hodl doesn’t it? Well not exactly. 

What Does Hodl Mean?

Like any good meme, hodl has gone through many iterations. In an etymological sense, everyone’s favorite crypto meme started out as a typo. A typo by a drunk guy named ‘GameKyuubi,’ who submitted a post titled “I AM HODLING” on the BitcoinTalk forum during a market dump in December of 2013. 

hodl origins - bitcointalk forum

He explained his position as a “bad trader” and emphatically professed:

“NO SHIT I SHOULD HAVE SOLD… You only sell in a bear market if you are a good day trader… The people in-between hold.” 

His post was met with mockery and “hodling” quickly became the preferred inside joke of BitcoinTalk users and bitcoin enthusiasts alike. And it didn’t stop there.

How it went from typo to inside joke to the preferred meme of bitcoin maximalists is anyone’s guess. But needless to say, it’s gone far beyond that. One no longer hodls just bitcoins. Hodl has become the mantra of anyone who’s ever hoped to turn a long-term profit in crypto. 

Even ethereum and monero lovers hodl these days. Hell, the markets in general. I’m hodling silver as we speak. It’s given rise to tee shirts, posters, videos, and an endless stream of original content from designers turned crypto-admirer.

hodl sparta meme

Eventually, it spawned an acronym. Well a backronym, actually: “Holding on for Dear Life.” It’s what a lot of us are left doing these days; wearing our hodl tees and compulsively checking BitMex. 

In the end, that’s what hodl really is. Hodl is a strategy for those of us who don’t have the free time or wherewithal to play the market like a professional trader. We aren’t all day traders and those of us who believe in blockchain and the future of decentralized currencies, like GameKyuubi stated in that ill-fated post, have little choice other than to trust their gut and hodl on.

Best Hodl Memes

Nike hodl meme

hodl meme