Every Friday, we take a light-hearted tour through the best memes, artwork, and oddities from the cryptoverse.  This week, Carty Sewill explores the Pink Wojak’s cousin, the Green Wojak.

We could all use a little optimism. There hasn’t been much of it over the past few months; that’s for sure. But in that time we’ve seen a pump or two and felt the warm glow of hope. A reminder of past highs and profitable longs. It’s been quite some time since bullish crypto memes graced the front page of Reddit and flooded Crypto-Twitter. But they’re out there. Waiting. One such meme is the Pink Wojak’s cousin the Green Wojak.

Green Wojak
The Green Wojak

Whereas the Pink Wojak is a symbol of despair, regret, and desperation, the Green Wojak is the antithesis. A calm, collected ‘hodler,’ the Green Wojak is the image of an optimistic and profitable ‘bullish’ investor. Always exiting the rollercoaster at the top and buying the bottom.

Though our Green Wojak might share the same origin story as his evil twin, his emergence in early 2017 was a time of optimism and hope for the crypto market. Bitcoin maximalists seemed to have won out and everyone looked to be reaping the benefits. A hard fork of “Feels Guys,” the Green Wojak started seeing the light of day in early 2017 as altcoins began to rally behind bitcoin. The original post seems to be lost out there somewhere so the specific time and date are a bit ambiguous.

original wojak
The original Wojak or “Feels Guy.”

But its place of birth is the same as, seemingly, any great crypto meme. It was originally posted on 4Chan channel,  /biz/. With the kind of placid comfort and profitability only a mediocre MS Paint sketch can imbue, it seems /biz/ has become the center of the crypto-meme-verse. And for good reason.

Green Wojaks on 4Chan /biz/

The Green Wojak is just one in a long line of iconic crypto-memes flowing out of the crypto-trollbox. And like the others, he’s become the focus of Bizonacci videos, countless spinoffs and mashups, and an endless stream of content focused on everyday price movements in our favorite market; crypto.

green and pink wojak
A green and pink Wojak mashup

Here’s hoping we see more of /biz/’s Green Wojak in the near future. I saw a few just last week. Though the bullish sentiment that came with them seems to have faded now. He will return soon. That’s for certain.

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I suppose this is as good a time as any. Bitcoin’s price continues to tumble and our faith has begun to shake; or has already shaken. There’s nothing quite like checking the market to see numbers dropping. For those of us that bought high, there’s a tinge of rage, regret, and anger. We’re only human. No one likes to see their investment devalue. And at the moment, there’s only one meme that can correctly personify how we’re feeling. The Pink Wojak; also known as the /biz/ Wojak.

The Pink Wojak is the embodiment of self-hatred and regret. The kind of sentiment one might have having bought Bitcoin nine months ago. Remorse that has you feeling like an anvil landed on your head. We’ve all felt it. Even if we didn’t purchase Bitcoin at $20k. When crypto is tanking, there’s no shortage of Pink Wojaks to scream for us. But it wasn’t always that way.

Figure 1. The Pink Wojak

Like many a great crypto meme, its origins lie elsewhere. Wojak, or “Feels Guy,” the Pink Wojak started out as a black and white MSPaint illustration of a bald guy with a sad expression. Originally posted in a 2010 Reddit AMA, Feels Guy slowly began circulating around the web on international forums and image boards. Used to express empathy, Feels Guy took a turn when it inevitably made its way into cryptocurrency circles. 

Figure 2. The Wojak or “Feels Guy”

During a market crash, specifically an Ethereum dump in June of 2017, a 4chan user posted a warped version of Feels Guy. Instead of expressing empathy and understanding, this time Feels Guy’s appearance had been warped; his head twisted, skin pink, screaming, while his eyes bled tears. Soon another Pink Wojak surfaced days later when ANTS, now NEO, began to tank. The meme caught fire. And the original content began to flow. 

Figure 3. The Birth of The Pink Wojak Meme on 4Chan

In almost no time, Pink Wojaks became the symbol of the market crash. There’s almost no need to look at graphs. You know bitcoin isn’t on the rise when you see a couple of these guys. They’re almost a market barometer all on their own. And lately, we’ve been drowning in a sea of ‘em. Here’s hoping that’ll change soon.

Figure 4. One my Personal Favorites, using the Binance puzzle verification