Wirex has announced that it will now support Litecoin (LTC) wallets on its platform. Wirex, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet and exchange app has been growing but with no cryptocurrencies added since its launch in 2014.

According to a statement published on the Wirex website, customer polls carried out last year revealed Litecoin was quite popular as a rival alternative to bitcoin. Litecoin will be the first altcoin available on the platform providing more flexibility for exchanging cryptos and traditional currencies for trading.

The Wirex team believes that the integrated Litecoin wallet will allow users to spend their Litecoin by converting their LTC to a local currency like the GBP, USD or EUR with a Wirex Visa Card.

Users will also be able to purchase Litecoin, exchange it for Bitcoin or vice versa, use their Litecoin for payments as well as withdraw Litecoin to any other LTC wallet.

Wirex launched its first Bitcoin debit card in 2016 which allowed its users make payments in any Visa or MasterCard supported stores using Bitcoin. The company reached a milestone of over 950,000 users while processing over $1 billion in transactions in December.