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5,104 BTC Later, The Bitcoin Pineapple Fund Announces It’s Time to Say Farewell
BlockExplorer’s Rebecca Campbell reports, “An anonymous donor who set up a philanthropic project using bitcoin for charitable causes has announced that it’s time to say goodbye.”

The Wild West of Crypto Hacks in One Graph
HowMuch.Net has analyzed the history of the most significant cryptocurrency hacks and scams by compiling data from, and creating a timeline graph of the data. invites you to “see how often and to what extent the crypto-market has sustained attacks over the last several years.”

Bitcoin Developers Build Prototype of a Privacy Tool
An email sent to the bitcoin developers list today laid out the framework for the “Dandelion” privacy tool. “Bitcoin’s transaction spreading protocol is vulnerable to deanonymization attacks. Dandelion is a transaction routing mechanism that provides formal anonymity guarantees against these attacks.”

A New Show is Coming to CBS About Crypto
Crypto Crow YouTuber Jason Appleton has signed an agreement with CBS “to air 13 episodes of the Crypto Crow Show in select markets as a test market in hopes of spreading nationally.” The first season is scheduled to begin the week of June 25, 2018. “Each episode will feature educational information focused on helping newcomers to the crypto space such as researching, investing and how to stay secure in their efforts while featuring ICO and cryptocurrency companies and how they affect the industry.” Appleton says the series will be fully paid for by bitcoin.

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