Twitch Streamers Can Now Accept Nano (XRB) Donations

Twitch users can now send and receive nano tokens (XRB) on the popular video game streaming platform.

Nano Twitch Allows Video Game Streamers to Accept XRB Donations

No, Twitch did not officially adopt nano as a payment method. However, a new third-party service — Nano Twitch — allows streamers to begin accepting nano (formerly known as Raiblocks) donations on their streams.

To start accepting nano donations, streamers must create a Stream Labs account (if they do not already have one) and then authorize the Nano Twitch application. The service will provide a donation address that streamers can give to their viewers. Payments are processed through Brainblocks, a simple nano-based checkout system, and all donations above $1 will trigger an alert on the live stream.

This video provides a demonstration of a streamer accepting an XRB payment.

Importantly, Nano Twitch does not collect personal information on either the streamers or contributors. The only information the system collects is the streamer’s nano address and Stream Labs API key, as well as donation logs — which are retained for customer support purposes and will be deleted at set intervals.

The release of this tool should give the community a much-needed shot in the arm following the recent high-profile theft of $170 million worth of Nano tokens from Italy-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail.

Indeed, the nano price traded up significantly following the announcement, rising eight percent to $13.09 at of the time of writing, even as most other cryptocurrencies were returning declines of approximately five percent.

Twitch Platform Remains Bitcoin-Friendly

The official Twitch platform itself, meanwhile, has long been cryptocurrency-friendly.

The service first began accepting cryptocurrency payments for its subscription service in 2014 and continues to do so — even as some high-profile companies have stopped accepting bitcoin payments in recent months.

To take advantage of this payment method, customers should select the “Show more methods” button on the payment information screen.

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