Where to spend bitcoin in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia might not be the first place that comes to mind when trying to think of places to spend bitcoin. However, the long-time port city has many entrepreneurial technologists that have not only adopted Bitcoin for personal use, but also at the businesses they work at. One such Bitcoiner, Zach Acosta explained to Business in Savannah why he convinced his family restaurant, Roma Pizza, to accept bitcoins:

“I’d like to see it really pick up and us do more transactions. We’ve already done, you know, half a dozen now and it’s been a couple of months. I’d like to see it take off phenomenally. Even if we don’t do a lot of transactions it’s just good for, you know, visibility and novelty aspects of it.”

Back in 2014, Bitcoin cost less than $100 per coin according to the Block Explorer price index.

Where can you spend Bitcoin in Savannah, Georgia?

Other places you can spend bitcoin in Savannah include a tattoo parlor called Anonymous Tattoo, a tailor called Kleo’s Sewing Studio, and even an online plant terrarium store called Sproutsouth – and that was just in 2014. For more current listings, check out coinmap.org – an open source map of Bitcoin and Litecoin accepting businesses all around the world.

The hope that was present in much of the Bitcoin industry years ago, when these Bitcoiners were interviewed, is still there – it has just been tempered with many, many other opportunities. It is often said that Bitcoin can’t be used for day-to-day transactions anymore, when there’s a possibility that your on-chain Bitcoin transaction fee might be more than the amount you’re trying to send to buy a cup of coffee – or a personal pizza pie at Roma Pizza.

What’s Bitcoin in Savannah like in 2017?

Like many other locales, Savannah used to have a Bitcoin meetup. Unfortunately, the official meetup group has since been disbanded. Block Explorer has reached out to the former organizer of the Savannah Bitcoin Meetup and will follow up with an interview on the current status of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies in Savannah, Georgia.

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Caleb is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he studied Economics, East Asian Studies, and Mathematics. He holds a MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. He believes that we are moving towards a better tomorrow, bit by bit by Bitcoin.

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